Wednesday, 13 January 2010

London snowed under

I thought I would be able to get on with different projects and 'work from home' for a couple of days, like a lot of my colleagues. Unfortunately for my craft projects, but fortunately for my to-do-list at work, I was able to get to work, no problem. However here is what London is looking like at the moment...

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My first ever pottery bowls!!

I was really excited last night when Katie, my pottery teacher at the Cockpit Arts Centre in Deptford, gave me the finshed products of a few lessons.. but I LOVE them! They are a bit small, but I decided that they are ideal for peanuts and other snacks. The next batch is hopefully arriving in tow weeks'time, slightly bigger and with a black and white glaze. Cannot wait to see the result!

OK, it is not the greatest picture, but this is as good as it gets with my blackberry. Will get the camera out this weekend.

Knitting project

It is really cold in London, and snowing non stop. So it is the best time to knit myself a scarf. OK, I feel in love with the yarn in France but was not sure what to do with it, so decided that a scarf was easy enough to get started with my knitting again. I have not managed to finish it yet, but I hope this will be done really soon, as I am starting to really need it!

It is super easy. The pattern can be found on KT Morris blog