Thursday, 1 September 2011

{Spikes and Studs - Buy it or Make it?} Noas' Libellule obsession

No guys, I am not turning into a goth ... but I am really liking the spikes and/or studs trend. I am really into new texture and different ways to upcycle clothes and other objects. Spikes and studs are actually really versatile.

My {Buy It} selction is not your usual spikes and studs. It is not really punk - but clearly inspired by the punk/goth movement - and it goes beyond clothing.

1. I love this
bowl made by 42pots available at Etsy; 2. Spiked stretchy ring, F21; 3. Stephen Webster silver stud cuff, Asos; 4. Kenneth Jay Lane Sodalite Necklace, Net-a-Porter; 5. La Mer watch, Asos; 6. Bottega Veneta clutch, Net-a-Porter; 7. Spikes on disc drop earrings, Topshop; 8. Louboutin shoes, Net-a-Porter.

How to make it? C'est classique explains it all, with their great tutorial. To be honest, I think this is the tutorial that can be used for all other projects - it has it all: how to place the studs, how to make the holes etc. All you need is the material, I think that should be easily available from Ebay.

So how can use that tutorial? Here are some ideas...

Revamp your handbag...

Pimp your black boots...

Or my favourite, bling up your jacket..

So what do you reckon, thumbs up or down for this trend? Will you be buying it or making it? have you seen other projects, share them ... I always love to hear from you guys...


  1. Even if I'm very far from goth/punk style, I share your passion for studs. And this love started ever since I bought my Balenciaga studded bag...not to mention that a recent 'coup de coeur' was the Louboutin Pigalle Spike Flats:

    PS: On a different note, can I ask you how you make your 'collage' picture, i.e. the first image? I'm not very IT-skilled and I would love to know which program you use...Thank you!

  2. great blog!
    following it!


  3. I'm in love with the bag, the boots and the jacket! I might need to try one of these :) oh, and I also love the la mer watch! It has been on my asos wishlist for ages!!


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