Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Whilst in Brussels {reflections on skirting boards}

I discovered a new take on skirting boards. I am no expert on skirting boards, but for having changed or repainted ours, I have some 'experience' of them - and made some assumptions about them (mainly that they are wooden in general). But to my surprise, in the room I am staying in, skirting boards are made of carpet.

yes, carpet...

I have been puzzled about this - so yay or nay for carpet skirting boards, guys? As you can see the whole room is carpeted already (to note: I am all for wooden floor, and no carpet) ... so it could make sense, but really? I forgot to mention, this particular hotel has just been fully refurbished. I personally think that it is a bit of outdated, but what do you think guys?

Back in London tomorrow, blogging will resume as per usual (hopefully).


  1. hey there!!!! merci pour ton gentil com!!!!! Back to London? un café ou quoi? ;))

  2. No that's just weird. It looks ugly!

  3. Oooh, no! I don't like it at all. It looks weird!! I wonder why they chose to do that? And how to clean them? A sideways vacuum cleaner?!


  4. Oh, this made me laugh! In my little house here in France the previous owner covered over the lovely tiled floor in the bedrooms with carpet tiles. They must have had a few leftover so cut them up and stuck them to the wall - carpet tile skirting board. I am of the opinion that this is NOT a good detail!


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