Monday, 2 April 2012

What happened?

Did I fall from the face of the Earth? Euh, non... Still here, been actually tweeting and pinning quite a lot recently - what you are not following me yet @NoasLibellule?? What are you waiting for! I just took a break from sharing on the blog. And to be honest I missed it. I always knew I would be back when I was ready. And I am ... to tell you I am leaving again. What?  Yes, I am leaving soon to a brand new space. This blog is going to see its ending, and a brand new spanking one will take its place, with a new mood board. 

You may have seen the MiH board appeared on my pinterest a couple of weeks ago. I am working with a blog designer on the new blog, and I was looking for inspiration for her, so that she could put my vision into a beautiful new blog. SO exciting! 

It will be a sad moment to leave this blog. But it is time to move to something new. The launch is due in May, and from now to then I will share progress with the new blog, review my best and worst projects, what has become of them (do I actually use those things that I made?)... and bid my virtual alter-ego Noas'Libellule farewell. But it will be fun, with more great and exciting projects coming up.