Thursday, 31 May 2012

The last one ...

Hello guys... So I have been quite rubbish at blogging, commenting on blogs, but also knitting, and sewing and nearly everything actually. I have actually done nothing, that is because this little one has taken all my energy. 

It has been quite a rollercoaster relationship between us consisting of many trips to the toilet (all day, who called it morning sickness - probably a man!), a lot of crying (why am I so sick?), a lot of travelling together (work, work and more work), a lot of hiding behind baggy clothes (apparently managed not to be too obvious) and finally the scan today. And here we are, we already know we are about to have a hyperactive kiddo! Do not be fooled by the picture it was impossible to have the baby still for more than 2 seconds. On the plus side, we saw his feet (massive) and his arms (flying around). All of this making me think there is more of M's genes than mine. Not a good sign when I am the one giving birth... Ok let's not even think about this right now. I can be in denial for another 6 months... 

Anyway I will now be able to go back on ravelry and pinterest and get inspired 'publicly'. Cannot wait!

This is also the last post on this blog as it is nearly time to go other the new blog (you can have a sneak peak by going on  or below.. What do you think guys? 

Just to be clear the new blog is not a baby blog. Of course there will be projects for the baby - including redecorating my hobby room into a baby room (not born and already making himself comfortable), and building a shed at the end of the garden to become a hobby room/very tired parents' bedroom.. It would be weird if the baby was not going to make an appearance, but it will still very much be a crafty blog, well when I get my mojo back and stop being sick all the time (can someone tell the baby that I should be glowing by now??)

Of course I am still on twitter (@NoasLibellule) and that is probably the social network I use the most at the moment, follow me to see how we get on with all our projects! 

So guys, it is all time to follow me on the new blog... and see how I get on!