Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pay and Display - Transport tickets

Hiya! Happy Wednesday! I had to renew my season ticket today - although financially it was not the best day, creatively it happened to be quite good. I was left with my old train ticket and wondered what I was going to do with it...

I had already seen this amazing project featured on Design*Sponge and pinned ages ago. The display has used old bus passes from San Francisco - very clever of SF to make those amazing tickets and for using such great color combos! The display uses a clean grid layout and also an adhesive foam tape that allows switching the tickets around.

Unfortunately my own train tickets are much less colourful. And I am sure many of you will recognise our British train tickets in this beautiful project by Nick Sayers - the geodesic sphere. This particular spehere is made of 120 British rail tickets. All of his spheres are made without glue or adhesive relying solely on strategically placed cuts in the materials to hold everything together. SO clever!

This is a bit advanced for me... But I reckon I could get a display together, provided I find some vintage tickets at flea markets or on Ebay (I already checked, you can buy them). It may even look as colourful as the one

So what do you do with your travel tickets? Did you use to bin them - are you inspired to recylce them now?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Noas' Libellule Tuesday {13% Mondays}

Hello hello my lovelies! Happy Tuesday! We are back - and we managed to do it all! Drive through 3 countries (without missing ferries etc), see friends, shopping (new and thrifted), see family (mine) and do a photoshoot (pictures by the end of the week, cannot wait!).

Here is the picture of the weekend - I could not resist... This is the windmill (in Leiden) I used to pass on my way to work and uni everyday when I lived (briefly) in the Netherlands.

I thought I would keep the Dutch theme going and introduce you to the Dutch Delight serie of photographer Frank Van Driel. I love the composition of this picture - how we managed to make a modern picture out of a traditional outfit.

So guys, what have you been up to? Anything excited to report? We are off (again) to France this weekend - 3 more days to go! But tomorrow is back to work.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Going Back

She was living in London, he was living in Leiden.

It was destined to be a long-distance relationship.

They met in Scotland where she lived, he lived in Southampton at the time.

It had already been four years by then.

Flying in and out every weekend, making it work.

He proposed on a bridge in Amsterdam, she said yes.

He moved back two weeks before the wedding.

We are off, back to where it all happened!

Back to Leiden!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

{Triangular geometrics - Buy it or Make it?} - take 2 - Noas'Libellule obsessions

Hiya.. Happy Thursday everyone! I actually posted this yesterday, but it went a bit wrong - so similar post but with enhancements! However I am still loving this post - a mix of clean lines and inspired by vintage. And it has been hard to just choose a few of all the things I could possibly buy.

1. Nova Meadow bedding, ISAK;2. Geometric Chain Earrings, Urban Outfitters; 3. Remix Cushion, ferm LIVING; 4. Pot Coaster, Hilda Granhat; 5. Knit Dress by Stella McCartney, My Theresa; 6. Tea Pot, ferm LIVING; 7. Card by CarsonToo, Etsy; 8. Original Watercolour paintings by The Joy of Color, Etsy.

I love this selection. I could really see all of these things in my house. So guys are we ready for the {make it} section.

The first project is a mural one and I have the feeling I am starting a new obsession. Meghan of Designtripper tells you how she made a cheaper painted version of her expensive wallpaper inspiration. I personally think it is beautiful. I actually thought it was wallpaper when I first came across it...

Sew, Mama, Sew whom I am sure many of your quilters know already wrote a simple triangle block sew-long to make this simple quilt. However the pattern could easily be used to make the Ferm Living cushion cover. Just adapt the colour scheme to your taste!

For more inspiration, here are some of the quilting projects that have been looking at for a long time. They are so beautiful (they are all on
my pinterest)... They are in order from Sew Katie did; Materials and Method; Red Pepper Quilts and Spotted Stones.

Finally Ana Montiel is a brilliant artist based in Lodnon that you should check out. Here are some of the place mats she has made and are for sale. I love the colour palette she is using, it is so simple and yet beautiful.

So guys, are you inspired? I am.. I am thinking of a quilt for the Fall that could be hung above our staircase (it will all make sense later - I hope). Have you seen other 'triangular geometrics' project (knitted ones) or items that got you inspired? Post them in your comments, I would love to know! Will add them to the blog as I receive them...

PS: (two hours late) Just came across British designer Naomi Paul's triangles rug (knitted)...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Pay and Display - Magazines

Hiya! Hope everyone is doing OK. I am starting to be quite excited about this bank holiday weekend (Monday is off in the UK, yeah!)

I need to tell you something - I am a MAGAZINE addict - with a strong bias towards monthly glossy fashion and interiors one. Every so often I will also indulge in weekly celebrity gossip ones, as well. AND I cannot bring myself to get rid of the glossier ones, or cut them (yes, I will photocopy the pages I like and would rather than zillions of post-it notes onto the pages - sad, I know). This is getting a bit out of hand. So here are my TWO solutions to my addiction.

I could build walls out them a la Elding Oscarson (see the Oktavilla project)

I have many, but not that many (only because I did get rid of some when I moved twice last year). So here is a smaller project (via pinterest), that I could definitely see myself doing (we are missing a couple of seats in the main room).

So guys, what do you do with your old magazines? Any project that has caught your attention? Would be great to see your ideas as well!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Noas' Libellule {13% Mondays}

Hello hello my lovelies! How are you all? Did you enjoy your weekend? It was great being on my own (loved M coming back too, of course), and chilling at home. I managed to almost finish my to-do list, yeah! More to come on this in the course of the week...

The weather is beautiful today, and to be fair it was all written in the sky yesterday when we went for a walk on the common...

Sometimes it is all about being at the right place, at the right time; I am not a plane-spotter, but I could not resist showing this picture... I never thought about it but living near an airport can be a photographic opportunity!

Finally... there are facts you cannot deny on Mondays.. and here is this week's...

Happy Monday guys! Hope you will have a great week...

PS: If you want to know why I keep calling my Monday posts {13% Mondays} check out my first {13% Mondays} post.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Le comptoir des souvenirs - Niagara, 1986 (oui, vraiment)

Home Alone

Hello everyone! It is Friday, yeeeaaahhhhh! It may have been a short week at work, but I still cannot wait for the weekend. M is going to spend the weekend with his mates in Wales, climbing and sleeping in a tent. Definitely not my thing - so I am glad he has friends who go with him and does not force me to do it ... And I am looking forward to a weekend at home, alone. I have been making a to-do list for the past week of what I want to do.

1. Making a bathmat

M has now requested it. I said some time ago I would make one '- Me: They are so easy to make, saw so many amazing projects on pinterest, we cannot possibly buy one?, M: OK', and then we went on holiday, on weekends away, too tired in the evening... My bathroom is still mat-free and one day one of us will slip on the travertine tiles. So this weekend, this is my priority no 1. Here is my inspiration (via pinterest)...

2. 10K

Sometime ago I decided to run a 10K in October. May not sound like a lot to some of you, but I am yet to have run 10K in one go. Plus, one of my colleagues has just done one and she managed to run it in less than an hour - so I decided that her timing would be my benchmark (M is mildly convinced this will happen - he is a former athletics county champion...hmmmm, so I have not a lot of chance right)! I will not be defeated, just need to get on with some serious training. So if you see someone resembling a sweaty lobster panting - do not get scared, it is probably me...

3. Necklace

I have loads of necklaces. But somehow, I always have the feeling that I need a new one, for an occasion, a dress, any excuse... I saw this tuotorial and tried it before going to Brittany. The necklace looked great, but it did not hold, I messed up somewhere, so this weekend I am going to do it again. Hopefully will have something to show you next week!

4. Photo shoot

So you know how I hate my picture to be taken, and there are very few pics of me on the blog. Well, despite my better judgement, I decided that M and I should have a photo shoot celebrating our first year of marriage.

I may need to give you some background here. Before I got married, I contacted a few photographers - as you do - and I found one that I loved... The pictures were quirky, fun, not posed - exactly what I wanted. We signed the contract and I sent the deposit. Two weeks later he sent me an email saying that he would not cash the deposit but that he could not be our photographer anymore - no more explanation (What!). In the end I got my second choice of photographer, who was really good and we have great pictures. But that story got to me a bit, and when all my friends started to talk about photographers for their wedding, I googled my first photographer - just to see if he was back on the scene. I found out on a forum that he had copied all his pictures from another photographer in Belgium - so actually the person I hired was not the photographer. Contacted the Belgian photographer - and here we are having another photoshoot with him! Have you followed all of that? By the way, I have never heard anyone else having problems with their photographer, so don't freak out.. (Oh there is ONE picture of the wedding HERE)

So I need to get prepared for the photo shoot. I bought this dress from Asos - I loved the mesh/lace detail. I put it on - and honestly I look like an elephant in it, I am probably quite offensive to the elephants. Noooo... what to do? I love the top part so much... Well the dress is now deconstructed and I am hoping to make a top out of the materials - this weekend... Stay tune (there will probably be updates on twitter @NoasLibellule).

5. Catching up

With you guys... I have been rubbish this week, and I have not really reading all the blogs I wanted to, so me and my new Ipad (how did I live without one before??) are going to stalk you, and that is a promise - expect a lot of comments!!!

Well all of that in addition to catching up with some beauty sleep (yeah), washing and cleaning (nay)... and probably be 'forced' to go for a couple of drinks with friends...

So guys, have you anything planned this weekend? Any crafty project on the go? Whatever you do, have a fab weekend!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Quirky inspiration for the City

Hello my little chickens! How are you all? Looking forward to the weekend. I know it is only Thursday, but that is more than half of the week gone, right?!

Yesterday, I was enjoying some blog surfing, when I came across THIS picture, and more importantly THIS 'vertebrae bracelet' on Honestly WTF blog. It was love at first sight. I am serious. I had to find out what it was. It was the perfect bracelet for meetings in the City - it will show a bit of personality in a sea of dark colours and grumpy old men.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found the website that told me where I could find the bracelet, aka the Dinosaur Bones Pave from Noir Jewelry... But Why, oh why no one is selling this bracelet in Europe? I have a friend in NYC, may have to ask for a favour soon...

So what do you reckon guys? Is it love or disgust?

If you are interested, these amazing bracelets belong to Rachel Strugatz, Accessories News Editor, Women's Wear Daily. Bracelets on her right arm (from the hand upward) are from: Noir, Rockstar Jewelry, DANNIJO, Jordan Alexander, Noir x2; on her left arm: Gemma Redux, Jordan Alexander, Noir, Jordan Alexander, Ettika x2, Jordan Alexander.

Am I jealous, you bet!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

{BELTS - Buy it or Make it?} Noas' Libellule obsession

Hiya guys! Happy Wednesday! And welcome to the wonderful world of B.E.L.T.S... I looooveee belts, they can colour, style of an outfit, make a statement... So here is my selection!

1. Add a splash of colour with the Whistle plaited rope, Asos; 2. A bargain skinny belt totally on trend, F21; 3. Show you love for animal print with this Fausto Colato Cavallino Leopard Print belt, My Theresa; 4. I love that pretty Burberry Prorsum Leather Wrap Belt, My Theresa; 5. Or buy a cheaper version with this Leather Obi Belt, Asos; 6. or the Buckled Elastic Belt, F21, 7. Splash out on this Etro Wide woven cotton-blend belt, Net-a-Poter; 8. Summery J Crew knotted belt, Net-a-Porter; 9. My favourite is the Day Birger et Mikkelsen belt, DAY.

This is my pinterest styling inspiration... I love the rock chick look of this Stockholm style shot (first picture).

There are some gorgeous items out there. But I am very excited about the beautiful {Make it} projects I found.

Mary at Craft Buds has made this lovely Fabric Wrap Belt. Her tutorial makes it sound very easy, so go and check it out. I love the colour she chose, it looks great with that dress!

For a different look, but oh so so cute result, here is the 100layercake ruffled belt. It would look great for a wedding, and would add un-je-ne-sais-quoi to any bland dress.

Finally the must-have of this season (I counted 5 people wearing one during my 10 minute walk to work this morning) - the skinny bow belt. Sarah's tutorial is bang on trend, and gives you easy steps to make your own!

So what is your favourite? I must admit I love my belts to be quite wide.. I do like some ruffles though, it could totally change the look of some of plainer dresses... OOOOhhh so many possibilities!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Noas' Libellule Tuesday {13% Mondays}

Hello hello hello!! How is everyone? Did you enjoy the weekend? I certainly did, but if I am honest it is going to take me a bit of time to recover from my brother's visit. The little guy (not so little anymore ) is hyper-active, seriously. We had to jog with him, play squash with him (more M than me, I jog much slower), and go for a 4-hour walk (only me left for that one), in addition to visit a bit of England. let's say I slept really well last night. Anyway on Saturday we ended up in Whitstable which I LOVE. It is on the East coast near Ramsgate (sort of) and Canterbury, in Kent. It is SO pretty and quaint with a lot of independent shops. It is quite well-known for its Oyster festival which happened during the summer.

No taking of these oyster shells!

You can seriously relax out there. I had the best fish&chips ever on the beach, and a regatta was going on in the background (not with that boat - clearly).

If you have not been, do go for a weekend away or even a day - you can take a train directly from London.

On my way back from work on Friday, I found this picture in Tatler of former Tatler editor-in-chief Tina Brown. Such a great picture of her and her daughter Isabel... very cool, don't you think?

PS: Tomorrow's {buy it or make it?} is a designer special!! Stay tune! OK, now time to catch up with the latest on the blogosphere...

Friday, 12 August 2011

Noas'Libellule {dreams of vintage interiors}

Allo Allo Allo! It is Friday, yes it is! And that means bring on the weekend! Thanks for everyone for commenting on yesterday's post about blogging, interesting to hear all of your experiences - and welcome to my new followers who made the jump from Lynne's blog!

I mentioned on Tuesday that we were in Brittany over the weekend. We went to a couple of vide-greniers (bad and good ones) - literally emptying-your-attic fairs or flea markets. I am not necessarily into thrifting per se, it is more about the shopping experience. I tend to buy stuff for the house rather than stuff to wear (I like to try clothes on, and it is not easy in the middle of the street). The hardest exercise is to look at each object individually and not as part of the display in front of you. So it can take hours to find 5/6 items. Anyway here is what we bought:

A Concertina Wooden rack for the bathroom - after a little makeover session (there will more to come on this soon, I hope) this will be perfect, just trust me on that one. You can find similar ones here.

50s French regional maps and a Paris-Match issue dated 1952 on the bank crisis in France - plus ca change, ...

I love the details of the outskirts of Paris map - check out the font guys (we thought it was hand-written at first), the Michelin logo - I really love this map.

So what am I going to do with these beautiful maps? Well
pinterest gave me a couple of ideas on how to display them. I really like the display of maps in the staircase. But I was hoping to have the maps in our second bedroom... SO many possibilities. I really want to display the Paris map opened (- not sure how much this is going to cost me to frame it) as it would be a shame to hide the font and the colours of it.

If I ever were brave enough to cut them out - I wished I was a bit more adventurous on this side - I would definitely consider these little projects - how beautiful are these! maybe I will just have to buy them ready-made (although they are super-expensive...).

So guys, what do you do with your flea markets purchases? Are you into clothes or vintage interiors, or both?? Would you display your maps or go for some decoupage?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

On Blogging - What do you do with the comments you receive?

Hiya Guys! Happy Thursday!!! How is everyone feeling? It is nearly the weekend!! Yeah!!! My brother is coming over to see the new house! He is working in Germany at the moment, but will be going to China soon, so will be great to catch up with him.

A different post today... I have been pondering this question for a while - what do you do with the comments you receive? As some of you know I reply individually to all the comments I receive, usually on my train journey from/back home. I did this, because another blogger I follow was doing it, and I actually quite liked it. I suppose I can do it because 1) my commute is quite long, 2) I blog only once a day on average and only receive a few comments, and 3) my blackberry is constantly with me. Also, I wanted to thank the other bloggers who comment personally. You came to read and comment on my posts! I think that it is awesome!

I know that some other bloggers do the same, others comment on the actual post (but I never get to really see that as I don't sign up for notifications - maybe I should ?), others do a general thank you on their next post, and some bloggers thank you by posting a comment on your post...

Don't get me wrong I do not think there is a right or wrong way to do this - I am just curious to know how you chose to reply to the comments you receive. I think it is quite interesting. I love receiving comments, and I have learnt a lot from you guys, I also got to know new people through the comments.

So how did you choose what to do with your comments? What did you decide to do? Did you decide to change the way you reply to comments? Would love to hear your stories guys!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

{Cool Britannia - Buy it or Make it?} Noas' Libellule obsession

Hello Hello Hello! How is everyone doing? Happy Wednesday, guys! I am pleased to report that things have calmed down a bit in London. Such a relief! So here is this week {Buy it or Make it?}.

Let me start by saying that to select only 9 items for this week's theme was really hard. There are great items out there that I would buy in addition to those I am presenting. I have also discarded items with too bright union jack colours - it is just not my style and big items such as the SMEG fridge, a leather chair from, and a beautiful bedcover from Anthropologie.

1) Customisable Ipad Case,; 2) CrankCases iPhone case, Etsy; 3) Brit Lip Balm, Heal's; 4)ROBERTS Revival DAB Digital Radio, John Lewis; 5) Jan Constantine Cushion, John Lewis; 6) Recipe Book, Emma Bridgewater; 7) Rugby Shirt, Hackett; 8) Alexander McQueen Skull woven leather box clutch, Net-a-Porter; 9)Amet & Ladoue Union Jack Cotton Silk Square Scarf, John Lewis.

It is a beautiful selection, isn't it? But now you are asking yourself, how can I make it on my own? Can I really make it? Yes, you can - it will taking some baking, some knitting and some sewing skills (but not necessarily at the same time, actually I would not recommend it) ...

You want to impress your neighbours at your next street party, the BBC has the recipe for you! A Union Jack Battenburg! I could eat it right now and it is beautiful as well! Will have to try it - just to take the pictures.

You are on a diet... I hear you, your holdiay is coming up (lucky you!) - you just bought a bikini. I have the perfect solution. Swap baking for knitting, you will be so absorbed by it that you will not think about food again (well maybe not, but it may stop you going for the biscuit tin)! You can find the patterns for the scarf, cushion cover and dress for
free on the ROWAN website. I do love the scarf, and also the colour scheme they chose.

Last but not least, my favourite project.. Lily's Quilts' Double Fat Jack's Quilt Top. Lily shows you how to make this beautiful quilt top, step-by-step. Of course, once you know how to make it (with the little help of one very talented quilter), there is no stopping you making a cushion cover (did you remember that Jan Constantine one) - your colours, your material... It is up to you! Awesome!

So what do you think Guys? Are you lovin' the Cool Britannia theme? What will you be making or buying? Such a versatile theme!

PS: As always drop me an email if there is a theme you would like me to look at (it is probably on my list already), and also thanks to Lily to let me use her picture!

EDIT (29.11.2011) I have also done a {PATCHWORK - Buy it or Make it} if you are interested in the patchwork.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Noas' Libellule Tuesday {13% Mondays}

Hiya! Back in London after a long weekend in France, and it is mayhem here. We live outside London, so we are fine, but it is awful for some of my colleagues. I only left three days ago!

So you know the feeling, it is Tuesday, but you have just come back to work to 100+ emails so really it is Monday for you. I am all confused and so is my blog! So {13% Mondays} is on Tuesday. Thought we needed cheering up here in London, so here are pictures of one of the places we visited in Brittany - Les Jardins du Montmarin. It is near the Dinard airport, so no excuse not to visit on the way back. Honestly, I just want to live there...

Check out the back of the house and the view... Cannot believe I was there yesterday.

Now, for a little bit of humour, I want to find those plastic bags! They are seriously cool!

PS: Anyone who knows where I can shop to find some of these plastic bags contact me please!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Noas'Libellule {dreams of interiors}

Hi again... So did you join the Blogging Worldwide List? So apart from making stupid faces to the camera, I also spend hours browsing through interior design websites and magzines. I love the beginning of the month, when all my favourite magazines are out.

I am not very good at defining my style (airy, full of light, vintage, with personality, not too cluttered, homely though) - but I KNOW that I fell in love with this space.

I love the colourful touches on the white canvas created by the walls, white painted floorboards and sofa. I love the use of chunky, distressed material - that coffee table is so simple and beautiful. And also the reference to travels. Not sure about the giant anglepoise lamp, what do you think? Anyway, the best bit about this room is this...

Do I need to even explain why... (please tell me someone photoshop the view, it is just too beautiful!)

So guys, do you LOVE it? What is the best bit? Would you add anything?

Blogging Worldwide!

I have already tweeted about this... Mary Rebecca had the awesome idea of
compiling a huge list of blogs so people can discover new blogs and be discovered, brilliant isn't it? Plus she decided to categorise blogs according to the region you blog from. The idea is that you could find blogs in the same location, or from another region - up to you! The only criteria is to have a blog!! You will have to send her an email with your blog's name, a brief description of your blog and a picture... She explains everything on the post.

I spent a bit of time this morning to do this, because I decided to put a picture of myself - there is a lot of me in this blog so it made sense (and I thought the pic could not be that offensive as you needed a 250x120 pixels). I hate being in front of the camera, and I generally look like this when I am.

Very standard pose for me (- actually this is quite a good one, check out the eyes)! So here is my 250x120 version of it...

Guys, join the blog list, what would you be blogging today about otherwise?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Noas' Libellule {Pinterest inspired}

Hello guys! Happy Wednesday! How is everyone?

As mentioned on numerous occasions, I went to see Harry Potter in 3 D last night. It was amazing. And I thought I should try to relate my {pinterest inspiration} to HP and here is the dress I really really really want to have, wear, could I sleep in it? It is a vintage Ossie Clark dress, worn by Emma at the HP premiere in 2009. It is just stunning. I love the colour scheme, the neck line and the fabric.

via pinterest

It was raining a lot that day, and the bottom of the dress has seen better days. But still, it is a really beautiful piece of clothing - and will be classy forever. So, how could I make it my own?

Well guys, my God fairy VOGUE came to the rescue, with a similar pattern that goes by the romantic name of V1030 (minus the ruffles!). I just need to find a pattern for the sleeves now... and seriously improved my sewing skills. I let you know how I get on..

So what do you think, do you love the dress? Will you pin it?

PS: Anyone with a pattern for the sleeves, please, please, please email me!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

{Cross-stitching - Buy it or Make it?} Noas'Libellule

Allo, Allo, Allo... How is everyone doing? All is well in Blighty. I have been wearing my sunglasses two days in a row, Yeah! AND Harry Potter and I have a 3D date tonight... Cannot wait!

So cross-stitching. Yes, I know, cross-stitching is something that you associate with your great aunt and her collection of cross-stitched cats' pictures.

Guys, cross-stitching has changed. It is now bohemian and colourful, or red on linen and gives a countryside feel to your interior. This is cross-stitching but not as you know it! So will you buy it?

1) Mini-dress with cross-stitch embriodery, Asos; 2) Numph cross stitch cardigan, Asos, 3) Cotton Vest Top, La Redoute; 4) Leobella Boutique, Etsy; 5) Red Heart Cross-stitch cushion, Not on the High Street; 6) Cross Stitch Heart mug, Llelewyn and company; 7) Lukely Earrings, Etsy; 8) Wall work, Etsy; 9) Cross Stitch Tablecloth, Pip Studio

You may have noticed that people have started to use cross-stitching on different mediums (cards for instance)... Much like my 'make it' inspiration.

Purlbee is a constant source of inspiration - why are they not in London, why??? Whitney had the idea of cross stitching on crocheted fabric, I know, brilliant! You can find all the explanations on how to do the sweet home sweet pillow on their blog. I love it! It would be easy to add your own design, and make a heart pillow... What do you think?

My next inspiration is mural... Eline is Dutch and very very creative. She painted this cross-stitch rose in one of her bedrooms, based on one of her pillow design. She told me that she was currently designing a stencil to make it easy for everybody to paint cross-stitches on the wall. It will be on sale in September! I reckon this is going to be hot for this autumn - all I am left to wonder is which wall I am going to 'cross-stitch' on!

Finally my last inspiration to make is totally out there.
Inge Jacobsen has taken cross-stitching to a whole different level - by cross-stitching fashion magazines cover. Just look at this Vogue issue! How to turn commercial images in work of art - Genius!

So guys, are you inspired? Are you going to your great auntie and ask her to show you how to cross-stitch? What will you be making? As always, I would love to hear about your projects, or what you bought!

PS: As always, thanks for the very creative and talented minds who let me share their projects..