Friday, 12 August 2011

Noas'Libellule {dreams of vintage interiors}

Allo Allo Allo! It is Friday, yes it is! And that means bring on the weekend! Thanks for everyone for commenting on yesterday's post about blogging, interesting to hear all of your experiences - and welcome to my new followers who made the jump from Lynne's blog!

I mentioned on Tuesday that we were in Brittany over the weekend. We went to a couple of vide-greniers (bad and good ones) - literally emptying-your-attic fairs or flea markets. I am not necessarily into thrifting per se, it is more about the shopping experience. I tend to buy stuff for the house rather than stuff to wear (I like to try clothes on, and it is not easy in the middle of the street). The hardest exercise is to look at each object individually and not as part of the display in front of you. So it can take hours to find 5/6 items. Anyway here is what we bought:

A Concertina Wooden rack for the bathroom - after a little makeover session (there will more to come on this soon, I hope) this will be perfect, just trust me on that one. You can find similar ones here.

50s French regional maps and a Paris-Match issue dated 1952 on the bank crisis in France - plus ca change, ...

I love the details of the outskirts of Paris map - check out the font guys (we thought it was hand-written at first), the Michelin logo - I really love this map.

So what am I going to do with these beautiful maps? Well
pinterest gave me a couple of ideas on how to display them. I really like the display of maps in the staircase. But I was hoping to have the maps in our second bedroom... SO many possibilities. I really want to display the Paris map opened (- not sure how much this is going to cost me to frame it) as it would be a shame to hide the font and the colours of it.

If I ever were brave enough to cut them out - I wished I was a bit more adventurous on this side - I would definitely consider these little projects - how beautiful are these! maybe I will just have to buy them ready-made (although they are super-expensive...).

So guys, what do you do with your flea markets purchases? Are you into clothes or vintage interiors, or both?? Would you display your maps or go for some decoupage?


  1. I love maps and prints! I really like antique markets. While I'm not at all an expert, I love visiting them. Regarding the prints, I like the old ones that show the plan of the cities. I'm planning to buy one map for each city in which I live or that's special to me, and then fill one room just with them.

  2. those vintage maps are awesome, and what inspiring decor ideas! Can't wait to see what you do.


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