Thursday, 18 August 2011

Quirky inspiration for the City

Hello my little chickens! How are you all? Looking forward to the weekend. I know it is only Thursday, but that is more than half of the week gone, right?!

Yesterday, I was enjoying some blog surfing, when I came across THIS picture, and more importantly THIS 'vertebrae bracelet' on Honestly WTF blog. It was love at first sight. I am serious. I had to find out what it was. It was the perfect bracelet for meetings in the City - it will show a bit of personality in a sea of dark colours and grumpy old men.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found the website that told me where I could find the bracelet, aka the Dinosaur Bones Pave from Noir Jewelry... But Why, oh why no one is selling this bracelet in Europe? I have a friend in NYC, may have to ask for a favour soon...

So what do you reckon guys? Is it love or disgust?

If you are interested, these amazing bracelets belong to Rachel Strugatz, Accessories News Editor, Women's Wear Daily. Bracelets on her right arm (from the hand upward) are from: Noir, Rockstar Jewelry, DANNIJO, Jordan Alexander, Noir x2; on her left arm: Gemma Redux, Jordan Alexander, Noir, Jordan Alexander, Ettika x2, Jordan Alexander.

Am I jealous, you bet!


  1. I love bold pieces and, as you saw on the post about Spazio Manassei, I love original and eccentric jewelry. But I have to be honest, the Dinosaur Bones is no my cup of tea. Having said that, I wouldn't mind nOir's Smooth Pyramid and Wrap Around Smooth...

  2. I love it! Bold jewellery pieces are the best

  3. Wow! That bracelet is pretty awesome. My eyes went straight to it when your page loaded. Thanks for sharing the link.

  4. Love. Definitely love. Statement jewellery is my favourite way to off-set a pretty standard work uniform!


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