Friday, 30 April 2010

Through the post

I talked about my hen do last Friday, and it has all been and gone now... But during the hen do I had the chance at having a go at glassblowing in Bath. Here is the wonderful result that came through the post today. My first handmade bauble for our Christmas tree! And in the colour scheme of the wedding!!


  1. Wow lovely! I always wanted to have a go at glassblowing, I didn't know you could do it in Bath! It always reminds me of Italy, my parents brought back the most amazing handmade bottles from there, with facinating patterns. How long til the wedding then? xxx

  2. ooh, glassblowing!! that's very cool. Love the ornament you made!!

  3. Thanks! The girls had it engraved as well which makes it all the more special.
    Wedding is in four weeks...


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