Thursday, 2 June 2011

Home Inspiration - Creating Moodboards

I love free softwares - they are free and usually a bit more basic and easier for me to use.

I have been looking at creating moodboards for a while - not just for the house but also for new handmade projects. We are currently considering the colour of the curtains we want in the main room, and sometimes it is just easier to have a board to visualise the project.

So when I ended up on olioboard, I was very excited. And it was really easy to use. I added a lot of items - as by doing a moodboard after the room has already been decorated meant that it was less about inspiration and more about trying to match one new item with the rest of the house.

The only criticism that I have is that I could not add any words to the moodboard (it may not be the done thing... ). I added some in Picasa (another wonderful free tool).

Here is my moodboard for downstairs, hopefully ensuring that M is convinced that blue curtains are the way forward. My username is frenchgrenouille, add me if you sign up to it!

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