Thursday, 23 June 2011

Noas' Libellule {My kitchen favourites}

Sarah over at Modern Country Kitchen started a Kitchen Favourites Linky Party today! She has asked what were our 'Kitchen Favourites'.

After having spent a lot of time, effort, planning to redo our kitchen area, I think my two favourites things are: the open plan layout. M and I are able to talk and be in two different 'parts' of the living room; and the island as everyone gathers there. I read the newspaper in the morning here, I cook there, and it is a great storage space (behind the stools are all my cockery!), in fact we hardly use the dining table - it is all very clever! And you know what after 4 months of being in the new house, I am still amazed by it!

So what is your kitchen favourite?


  1. I'd LOVE to have an island space like yours one day, where everyone can sit and chat - or read newspapers!! You lucky girlie!! It sounds as though all your planning totally paid off!


  2. I think kitchens are wonderful places for people to gather, and your island is the perfect spot.

  3. I love how you can cook and see everything, it makes it not so lonely...I face the wall..ugh.
    Love your modern stools!

  4. We also have a really open kitchen and like you I love it. It is awesome for parties and family gatherings. Your kitchen is huge! I love those bar stools. :)


  5. Your kitchen is lovely! It has a nice clean modern look.
    Hugs, Cindy


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