Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Blog Banner {Tutorial}

Haha... Finally.. Someone... aka That Girl.. That Quilt.. revealed it all.

I, MOI, ME could create my very own banner ON MY OWN. Yes, I could. And here it is. Displaying four of my favourite, hand-picked ( mmm .. easy to upload from my Facebook acocunt) pictures (which is why it is so random but supposed to have a summer theme to it).

The tutorial is so amazingly clear that I copied and pasted it - I had to make a couple of changes, in bold below. Go and see the blog of Jennifer and check out her banner too. So here is the tutorial.

1. First, go to BigHugeLabs to make your photo mosaic.

2. Change the columns to 4 and the rows to 1 if you want a layout like mine. Leave all the other settings the way they are.

3. Scroll down to where you can enter the URL's of your pictures. I chose all of mine from (Flickr) Facebook.

4. Go to (Flickr) Facebook and click on the first individual picture you want in your banner. Copy and paste the entire link into the space provided on the BigHugeLabs site. Repeat for the 2nd and 3rd pictures.

5. (If you want a blank space to write in like I did, leave the 4th URL space empty.) I did not leave a blank space but you may want to...

6. Click create and you are almost done with the first part of your banner!

7. Your banner will be shown and if you like it, click the save button above the picture and save it to your computer.

If you don't want any writing on your banner you could be finished now... if you are, resize your image on your computer, skip the Flickr steps, and pick up at step 12 to upload your banner to your blog.

8. Next, go to Flickr and upload your new banner to your Flickr account. Open the picture in Picnik.

9. Add text... add a frame... etc.

10. Now it's time to resize your banner. Most blogger headers measure approximately 940 across {you(might) will have to play with this a little}. In Picnik, click on Resize and change your first dimension to (940) 900.

Important: make sure the keep proportions box is checked so that your images don't end up all stretched and weird. (Save the image and you will automatically be directed back to Flickr.) I saved it on my desktop.

(11. Click view all sizes and choose the large image which is the original dimensions you saved when you resized the banner in Picnik. Save this image to your computer and we are almost done!)

12. Log into Blogger and click design. Click edit in the box where your banner goes.

13. Remove the current image and choose browse your computer to open your new banner. Let it load into the box and click save. You will be taken back to the design page and from there you can go back to your blog and admire your work!

I am feeling smug...

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