Thursday, 9 June 2011

Another idea for a TShirt

I was inspired by this necklace that you can find on etsy.

I loved the chunkiness of it, the two colours, the way you see the different strands of 'yarn'. But I only had one T-Shirt left to use, and once cut up the strands were too small. And then I remembered something I was addicted to when I was younger - making scoubidous with plastic strings and wondered whether I could apply the same technique (for a round one) to my 8 strands of yarn. Here are some pictures of the process and result.

Here is a close up of it when I came back from work on Monday. Scoubidou rules!

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  1. There's npthing quite like a bit of Etsy inspiration, is there?!! I love this t-shirt idea too. Yours looks fab!!



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