Friday, 3 June 2011

Homemade home - T-Shirt coasters

I have had to get rid of to a few items in my closet. The new wardrobe is just too small and they are items that should... well just not be there anymore (or make it in in the first place). Face dwith the reality of my new wardrobe, I was finally prepared to get rid of my clothes, and thanks to pinterest, I came accross this tutorial. What, I can make coasters out of my discarded T-shirts??

Yes, you can, and they can look really stylish - I suprised myself. Here is my first attempt - took max 2 hours, which I thought was a very effective way to spend my time and 2 T-shirts.

I know you have some T-Shirts that would be happy to become your latest homemade projects... Let me know if you try it!


  1. what a cool idea!! Your coaster looks fantastic. And I love Pinterest. It's pointed me to so many awesome things around the internet.

  2. Oh this is a co-incidence! My friend sent me some rather unusual "yarn" made of fabric as a gift and I immediately decided to make some coasters and place mats with it. I was thinking crochet - but now I've seen yours I'm considering plating, like yours!

  3. Love it! I haven't got any t-shirts I'd be prepared to sacrifice at the moment, but it's a really cool idea. I'll have to remember it.


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