Thursday, 16 June 2011

Home Inspiration 19 - I need a desk

I have claimed the little room in our house, and since it is full of yarn and fabric - and books - no one has disagreed! I love the room, although it needs some pictures on the wall - and just that little bit more of personality - it also desperately need a desk.

(Edit: This is indeed the little room for those who wonder)

I have my eyes set on one.. Surprisingly I found it at John Lewis and it matches our dimensions. Here is the beautiful desk, how much time can I resist?

PS: London weather today is really really bad - as I an writing this sunny spells are here, but my shoes are still wet from this morning. This little cartoon from Soledad Barvi (Elle magazine illustrator) rings very true right now.

(I should really be thinking of having a wax done.. euh no, the weather is crap again..)

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  1. Is this your room on the first picture? It's lovely! I love John Lewis stores, they have amazing stuff. I'd say go for it and get the desk- that's what I did a couple of weeks ago (although I got the £10 from IKEA!!).
    Weather's bad as well over here, although not as bad as in May.
    I like Soledad's drawings. They're often very true!!


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