Tuesday, 2 August 2011

{Cross-stitching - Buy it or Make it?} Noas'Libellule

Allo, Allo, Allo... How is everyone doing? All is well in Blighty. I have been wearing my sunglasses two days in a row, Yeah! AND Harry Potter and I have a 3D date tonight... Cannot wait!

So cross-stitching. Yes, I know, cross-stitching is something that you associate with your great aunt and her collection of cross-stitched cats' pictures.

Guys, cross-stitching has changed. It is now bohemian and colourful, or red on linen and gives a countryside feel to your interior. This is cross-stitching but not as you know it! So will you buy it?

1) Mini-dress with cross-stitch embriodery, Asos; 2) Numph cross stitch cardigan, Asos, 3) Cotton Vest Top, La Redoute; 4) Leobella Boutique, Etsy; 5) Red Heart Cross-stitch cushion, Not on the High Street; 6) Cross Stitch Heart mug, Llelewyn and company; 7) Lukely Earrings, Etsy; 8) Wall work, Etsy; 9) Cross Stitch Tablecloth, Pip Studio

You may have noticed that people have started to use cross-stitching on different mediums (cards for instance)... Much like my 'make it' inspiration.

Purlbee is a constant source of inspiration - why are they not in London, why??? Whitney had the idea of cross stitching on crocheted fabric, I know, brilliant! You can find all the explanations on how to do the sweet home sweet pillow on their blog. I love it! It would be easy to add your own design, and make a heart pillow... What do you think?

My next inspiration is mural... Eline is Dutch and very very creative. She painted this cross-stitch rose in one of her bedrooms, based on one of her pillow design. She told me that she was currently designing a stencil to make it easy for everybody to paint cross-stitches on the wall. It will be on sale in September! I reckon this is going to be hot for this autumn - all I am left to wonder is which wall I am going to 'cross-stitch' on!

Finally my last inspiration to make is totally out there.
Inge Jacobsen has taken cross-stitching to a whole different level - by cross-stitching fashion magazines cover. Just look at this Vogue issue! How to turn commercial images in work of art - Genius!

So guys, are you inspired? Are you going to your great auntie and ask her to show you how to cross-stitch? What will you be making? As always, I would love to hear about your projects, or what you bought!

PS: As always, thanks for the very creative and talented minds who let me share their projects..


  1. oh I love cross stitch!!! :) that mag is awesome!

  2. I've always wanted to learn how to cross-stitch. Too bad I don't have an aunt that knows how to. I definitely would be harassing her if I did.

    Next on my to-do list...Learn how to cross-stitch!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Hiya! great post! My mom used to cross-stitch in the car on long family roadtrips. Although I wasn't interested then, I have since added it to my long list of fibrey crafts I'd like to master!


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