Friday, 19 August 2011

Home Alone

Hello everyone! It is Friday, yeeeaaahhhhh! It may have been a short week at work, but I still cannot wait for the weekend. M is going to spend the weekend with his mates in Wales, climbing and sleeping in a tent. Definitely not my thing - so I am glad he has friends who go with him and does not force me to do it ... And I am looking forward to a weekend at home, alone. I have been making a to-do list for the past week of what I want to do.

1. Making a bathmat

M has now requested it. I said some time ago I would make one '- Me: They are so easy to make, saw so many amazing projects on pinterest, we cannot possibly buy one?, M: OK', and then we went on holiday, on weekends away, too tired in the evening... My bathroom is still mat-free and one day one of us will slip on the travertine tiles. So this weekend, this is my priority no 1. Here is my inspiration (via pinterest)...

2. 10K

Sometime ago I decided to run a 10K in October. May not sound like a lot to some of you, but I am yet to have run 10K in one go. Plus, one of my colleagues has just done one and she managed to run it in less than an hour - so I decided that her timing would be my benchmark (M is mildly convinced this will happen - he is a former athletics county champion...hmmmm, so I have not a lot of chance right)! I will not be defeated, just need to get on with some serious training. So if you see someone resembling a sweaty lobster panting - do not get scared, it is probably me...

3. Necklace

I have loads of necklaces. But somehow, I always have the feeling that I need a new one, for an occasion, a dress, any excuse... I saw this tuotorial and tried it before going to Brittany. The necklace looked great, but it did not hold, I messed up somewhere, so this weekend I am going to do it again. Hopefully will have something to show you next week!

4. Photo shoot

So you know how I hate my picture to be taken, and there are very few pics of me on the blog. Well, despite my better judgement, I decided that M and I should have a photo shoot celebrating our first year of marriage.

I may need to give you some background here. Before I got married, I contacted a few photographers - as you do - and I found one that I loved... The pictures were quirky, fun, not posed - exactly what I wanted. We signed the contract and I sent the deposit. Two weeks later he sent me an email saying that he would not cash the deposit but that he could not be our photographer anymore - no more explanation (What!). In the end I got my second choice of photographer, who was really good and we have great pictures. But that story got to me a bit, and when all my friends started to talk about photographers for their wedding, I googled my first photographer - just to see if he was back on the scene. I found out on a forum that he had copied all his pictures from another photographer in Belgium - so actually the person I hired was not the photographer. Contacted the Belgian photographer - and here we are having another photoshoot with him! Have you followed all of that? By the way, I have never heard anyone else having problems with their photographer, so don't freak out.. (Oh there is ONE picture of the wedding HERE)

So I need to get prepared for the photo shoot. I bought this dress from Asos - I loved the mesh/lace detail. I put it on - and honestly I look like an elephant in it, I am probably quite offensive to the elephants. Noooo... what to do? I love the top part so much... Well the dress is now deconstructed and I am hoping to make a top out of the materials - this weekend... Stay tune (there will probably be updates on twitter @NoasLibellule).

5. Catching up

With you guys... I have been rubbish this week, and I have not really reading all the blogs I wanted to, so me and my new Ipad (how did I live without one before??) are going to stalk you, and that is a promise - expect a lot of comments!!!

Well all of that in addition to catching up with some beauty sleep (yeah), washing and cleaning (nay)... and probably be 'forced' to go for a couple of drinks with friends...

So guys, have you anything planned this weekend? Any crafty project on the go? Whatever you do, have a fab weekend!!


  1. This sounds like a super busy but fun w-e plan! I love the details of the ASOS dress, don't know why but made me think about Jane Austen (which I love!) Cannot wait to see 'the transformation'...Have a lovely w-e!

  2. I'm going to my colleague's kids birthday party tomorrow. I hope I'll still have a bit of time for sewing/ knitting/ creating though this week-end. I really want to have a go at one of the belt in your previous post.

    Have a great week-end. Sometimes it's nice to have time for oneself. The weather here in South Wales should be nice (according to the forecast), don't know where M. is going but I hope he will have a terrific week-end!

  3. Nice blog, like it! :)


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