Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Noas' Libellule Tuesday {13% Mondays}

Hello hello hello!! How is everyone? Did you enjoy the weekend? I certainly did, but if I am honest it is going to take me a bit of time to recover from my brother's visit. The little guy (not so little anymore ) is hyper-active, seriously. We had to jog with him, play squash with him (more M than me, I jog much slower), and go for a 4-hour walk (only me left for that one), in addition to visit a bit of England. let's say I slept really well last night. Anyway on Saturday we ended up in Whitstable which I LOVE. It is on the East coast near Ramsgate (sort of) and Canterbury, in Kent. It is SO pretty and quaint with a lot of independent shops. It is quite well-known for its Oyster festival which happened during the summer.

No taking of these oyster shells!

You can seriously relax out there. I had the best fish&chips ever on the beach, and a regatta was going on in the background (not with that boat - clearly).

If you have not been, do go for a weekend away or even a day - you can take a train directly from London.

On my way back from work on Friday, I found this picture in Tatler of former Tatler editor-in-chief Tina Brown. Such a great picture of her and her daughter Isabel... very cool, don't you think?

PS: Tomorrow's {buy it or make it?} is a designer special!! Stay tune! OK, now time to catch up with the latest on the blogosphere...


  1. Whitstable looks almost 'un-English', more French or Channel Islands.
    Or it's just the pictures you chose: they're beautiful.
    This makes me want to go on holiday to the UK and we will: only 2 more weeks and we're off!

  2. Love the oyster shell recycling bin in the first pic...you always manage to take & find great pictures. Glad you had a great w-e!


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