Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Noas' Libellule Tuesday {13% Mondays}

Hello hello my lovelies! Happy Tuesday! We are back - and we managed to do it all! Drive through 3 countries (without missing ferries etc), see friends, shopping (new and thrifted), see family (mine) and do a photoshoot (pictures by the end of the week, cannot wait!).

Here is the picture of the weekend - I could not resist... This is the windmill (in Leiden) I used to pass on my way to work and uni everyday when I lived (briefly) in the Netherlands.

I thought I would keep the Dutch theme going and introduce you to the Dutch Delight serie of photographer Frank Van Driel. I love the composition of this picture - how we managed to make a modern picture out of a traditional outfit.

So guys, what have you been up to? Anything excited to report? We are off (again) to France this weekend - 3 more days to go! But tomorrow is back to work.

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  1. That's a great picture by Van Driel: love that.
    You lucky thing, going on short trips. One after the other.
    It must have been great to see your family again.
    We'll be going on holiday: at last ...!!
    To the UK (ofcourse): leaving Thursday for 2,5 weeks!


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