Wednesday, 10 August 2011

{Cool Britannia - Buy it or Make it?} Noas' Libellule obsession

Hello Hello Hello! How is everyone doing? Happy Wednesday, guys! I am pleased to report that things have calmed down a bit in London. Such a relief! So here is this week {Buy it or Make it?}.

Let me start by saying that to select only 9 items for this week's theme was really hard. There are great items out there that I would buy in addition to those I am presenting. I have also discarded items with too bright union jack colours - it is just not my style and big items such as the SMEG fridge, a leather chair from, and a beautiful bedcover from Anthropologie.

1) Customisable Ipad Case,; 2) CrankCases iPhone case, Etsy; 3) Brit Lip Balm, Heal's; 4)ROBERTS Revival DAB Digital Radio, John Lewis; 5) Jan Constantine Cushion, John Lewis; 6) Recipe Book, Emma Bridgewater; 7) Rugby Shirt, Hackett; 8) Alexander McQueen Skull woven leather box clutch, Net-a-Porter; 9)Amet & Ladoue Union Jack Cotton Silk Square Scarf, John Lewis.

It is a beautiful selection, isn't it? But now you are asking yourself, how can I make it on my own? Can I really make it? Yes, you can - it will taking some baking, some knitting and some sewing skills (but not necessarily at the same time, actually I would not recommend it) ...

You want to impress your neighbours at your next street party, the BBC has the recipe for you! A Union Jack Battenburg! I could eat it right now and it is beautiful as well! Will have to try it - just to take the pictures.

You are on a diet... I hear you, your holdiay is coming up (lucky you!) - you just bought a bikini. I have the perfect solution. Swap baking for knitting, you will be so absorbed by it that you will not think about food again (well maybe not, but it may stop you going for the biscuit tin)! You can find the patterns for the scarf, cushion cover and dress for
free on the ROWAN website. I do love the scarf, and also the colour scheme they chose.

Last but not least, my favourite project.. Lily's Quilts' Double Fat Jack's Quilt Top. Lily shows you how to make this beautiful quilt top, step-by-step. Of course, once you know how to make it (with the little help of one very talented quilter), there is no stopping you making a cushion cover (did you remember that Jan Constantine one) - your colours, your material... It is up to you! Awesome!

So what do you think Guys? Are you lovin' the Cool Britannia theme? What will you be making or buying? Such a versatile theme!

PS: As always drop me an email if there is a theme you would like me to look at (it is probably on my list already), and also thanks to Lily to let me use her picture!

EDIT (29.11.2011) I have also done a {PATCHWORK - Buy it or Make it} if you are interested in the patchwork.


  1. Rrrroooh the dress on the Rowan website!!!! Want want want!!

  2. Definitely a fan of the theme, but personally I would keep it to the accessories. I really like the iPhone case (even if I don't have an iPhone). When I first saw the picture I thought that Recipe Book by Emma Bridgewater was one of those wonderful clutches by Olympia Le Tan ( would love to have one!

  3. I want that yummy looking cake!!

  4. Cool post! Just popped over from Lynne's to say Hi. I also swoon over all things brit!

    I made the double fat jack, you can see it here:

  5. Popped over from Lynne's - she is one clever girl! Love your buy or make slot - will come back for more! Thanks


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