Thursday, 25 August 2011

{Triangular geometrics - Buy it or Make it?} - take 2 - Noas'Libellule obsessions

Hiya.. Happy Thursday everyone! I actually posted this yesterday, but it went a bit wrong - so similar post but with enhancements! However I am still loving this post - a mix of clean lines and inspired by vintage. And it has been hard to just choose a few of all the things I could possibly buy.

1. Nova Meadow bedding, ISAK;2. Geometric Chain Earrings, Urban Outfitters; 3. Remix Cushion, ferm LIVING; 4. Pot Coaster, Hilda Granhat; 5. Knit Dress by Stella McCartney, My Theresa; 6. Tea Pot, ferm LIVING; 7. Card by CarsonToo, Etsy; 8. Original Watercolour paintings by The Joy of Color, Etsy.

I love this selection. I could really see all of these things in my house. So guys are we ready for the {make it} section.

The first project is a mural one and I have the feeling I am starting a new obsession. Meghan of Designtripper tells you how she made a cheaper painted version of her expensive wallpaper inspiration. I personally think it is beautiful. I actually thought it was wallpaper when I first came across it...

Sew, Mama, Sew whom I am sure many of your quilters know already wrote a simple triangle block sew-long to make this simple quilt. However the pattern could easily be used to make the Ferm Living cushion cover. Just adapt the colour scheme to your taste!

For more inspiration, here are some of the quilting projects that have been looking at for a long time. They are so beautiful (they are all on
my pinterest)... They are in order from Sew Katie did; Materials and Method; Red Pepper Quilts and Spotted Stones.

Finally Ana Montiel is a brilliant artist based in Lodnon that you should check out. Here are some of the place mats she has made and are for sale. I love the colour palette she is using, it is so simple and yet beautiful.

So guys, are you inspired? I am.. I am thinking of a quilt for the Fall that could be hung above our staircase (it will all make sense later - I hope). Have you seen other 'triangular geometrics' project (knitted ones) or items that got you inspired? Post them in your comments, I would love to know! Will add them to the blog as I receive them...

PS: (two hours late) Just came across British designer Naomi Paul's triangles rug (knitted)...


  1. what a very cool round up of triangular things!! Love it. And I love that brown triangular sweater, too!

  2. Fantastic inspiration for triangle lovers (as me)
    love the way Meghan describe the process of the mural and the outcome
    Thanks so much for featuring my time is running print

  3. So many triangular DIY possibilities!

  4. What a nice inspiration! Unfortunately, I think I'm not as good as you at DIY, but I would go for a quilt as well. Have a great w-e!


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