Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Noas' Libellule {Pinterest inspired}

Hello guys! Happy Wednesday! How is everyone?

As mentioned on numerous occasions, I went to see Harry Potter in 3 D last night. It was amazing. And I thought I should try to relate my {pinterest inspiration} to HP and here is the dress I really really really want to have, wear, could I sleep in it? It is a vintage Ossie Clark dress, worn by Emma at the HP premiere in 2009. It is just stunning. I love the colour scheme, the neck line and the fabric.

via pinterest

It was raining a lot that day, and the bottom of the dress has seen better days. But still, it is a really beautiful piece of clothing - and will be classy forever. So, how could I make it my own?

Well guys, my God fairy VOGUE came to the rescue, with a similar pattern that goes by the romantic name of V1030 (minus the ruffles!). I just need to find a pattern for the sleeves now... and seriously improved my sewing skills. I let you know how I get on..

So what do you think, do you love the dress? Will you pin it?

PS: Anyone with a pattern for the sleeves, please, please, please email me!


  1. Do I love the dress? Of course I do. Because A) it's a great dress and B) I love most things Emma does ;)

  2. I do love the dress.. she always looks so put together and chic! xo


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