Tuesday, 29 November 2011

{PATCHWORK - Buy it or Make it?} Noas' Libellule obsession

You had nearly forgotten my {Buy it or Make it} feature, hadn't you? It has been on my mind for - like - ever, and I never actually managed to sit down and write any {BIMI} since August! That-is-not-good. But we are back on track - at least once a month. The patchwork theme may have looked an easy one to choose, 1) because Elle France (issue 18 Nov) had a feature on it (see 1 in collage), 2) because I stalk a lot of patchwork blogs on the net, and 3) because this is something I actually do. So I tried to make it a bit less 'cushions and throws' (my kind of patchwork) and a bit more fashion (sort of).

1. Elle France feature on patchwork; 2. Alphabet Patchwork Print by RukaRuka at Etsy; 3. Patchwork belt at Beltme.co.uk; 4. Sonia Rykiel Patchwork Dress at Asos; 5. Patchwork Apron at Anthropologie; 6. Esposito shoes at Farfetch; 7. Filkin Cushion at Toast; 8. Isabel Marant shirt at Matches.

(NB: pas d'accents aujourd'hui, clavier QWERTY) .. Voila ma selection patchwork. Comme je le disais en anglais ci-dessus le patchwork c'est mon truc, je fais meme part de mes projets sur mon blog! Donc j'aurai pu vous faire des listes de coussins et autres couvertures a acheter. Mais non, ici on veut du fashion et j'ai surtout eu de la chance que la Poule a petit pas nous ait sorti sa version de la chemise d'Isabel Marant il n'y a pas bien longtemps. Je ne vais pas vous re-ecrire les instructions de la Poule, c'est beaucoup plus marrant de lire ses billets.

{Make it} Well, you have the choice for patchwork. Check out my blogroll on the right-hand side and you will find what you need. But for the 'Homemade' version of the Isabel Marant shirt, you will have to check out one of my favourite French blogs La Poule a petit pas. She used a mix of two Japanese books patterns (you will see the pics on her blog). She mixed different fabrics and sewed all the pieces together before cutting out the patterns. Honestly this is WAY out of my league - but it looks SO much like the real thing I may have to try (or it may stay in my book of ideas for a while)...

Alternatively, as it is soon to be Christmas (you have noticed, haven't you?), I thought that you really needed was a Christmas stocking. Purlbee has a super detailed tutorial for THIS Christmas stocking (and if it came with yarn at my house, I will make more than one!). I reckon you can easily change the patchwork pattern and make it a bit more advanced - if you wanted to show off, for instance..

Pour mon deuxieme {made it} je prepare Noel. Alors avec mon Christmas Stocking selon le tuto de Purlbee, je serai prete a recevoir laines, tissus et autres fournitures pour mes futurs projets... Je veux meme bien en faire plusieurs si on a besoin de plus de place pour mes cadeaux - c'est pas un probleme! Je m'adapte!

So guys, are we ready for some patchwork? Are you inspired or has another patchwork project inspired you? Let me know in your comments, I love seeing your inspirations.


  1. This Sonia Rykiel dress is gorgeous! I love Mondrian-inspired dresses from the 60s.

    The Christmas stocking is gorgeous!!! I am absolutely oblivious to the fact that Christmas is so near. I predict some last minute Christmas shopping for myself...

  2. i want that dress!

  3. I've not really thought much about patchwork until now! I love the little patchwork stocking though, so very apt in this festive season.



  4. I haven't been thinking about patchwork either, but if I think about certain Celine pieces, it's patchwork all over! Maybe I'll see if I can find a patchwork jumper...Have a great day!

    PS: I'm absolutely in for a bit of fashion camping in front of H&M on 7 March...


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