Thursday, 3 November 2011

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My Mum and I have always swapped books (well I tend to buy her the French translation of mine) - we have similar reading taste. We read Harry Potter at the same time, Twilight, more recently the Millenium Trilogy (the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo)... And when she gave me the French translation of the Help ('La couleur des sentiments', some translations are beyond me) and told me to read it, I should have started then and there.

All my friends have already read it and loved it. But I had just started One Day by David Nicholls (highly recommended) and forgot about the book. Plus with the strange translated title I did not make the connection straight away (had to look inisde to know it was indeed The Help). With the film showing at the cinema, it was time to start reading it... And I cannot put it down. It is brilliant! It is not too descriptive, the style is really dynamic by changing the points of view and she makes you feel like you are actually there. I have just seen the trailer and I cannot wait to see the film. Hopefully the director did justice to the book...

Off to Brussels today and will be back tomorrow, so that will make 4 hours of uninterrupted reading bliss. Cannot wait!

So guys, what have you been reading recently that you could not put down. Don't you love those types of books?

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  1. I love One Day! Have you read any Jonathan Franzen? Love him too. I really want to read 'The Help' I've heard nothing but good things :)


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