Thursday, 24 November 2011

Inspired by a Paris quarter (or an outfit progress)

I finally managed to go to La Droguerie. I keep reading French bloggers telling me they bought their yarn, patterns, fabric etc from La Droguerie (and seeing beautiful being created). But you cannot really buy their stuff online - arrghhh. It has frustrated me for a bit of time now. So I had to make a detout on my way back from today's conference - and I managed to find the shop and yarn for a shawl (to be worn at the Xmas party?). The pattern (name) jumped at me, Le Jardin des Plantes - or where my Dad stayed when he was a student in Paris, in my favourite part of Paris. It was a sign...

Je disais donc qu'à lire tous vos blogs me vanter les laines et autres projets de la Droguerie, il me faillait moi aussi y aller pour faire mes achats - ce que j'ai finalement fait ce soir après ma conférence. Il me fallait une étole pour la Xmas party (celle dont je ne fais que parler en ce moment) - et j'ai trouvé le modèle avec le nom idéal - l'étole en dentelle Jardin des Plantes. Le Jardin des Plantes étant où P'pa a fait ses études (enfin dans le coin) et mon endroit préféré à Paris.. C'était un signe.. et me voilà repartie toute contente avec un livre de la Droguerie - (au cas où je ne reviendrais pas à Paris de si tôt) - ma laine, et mes aiguilles..

La Droguerie has an 'interesting' system going on. You have to wait for someone to serve you, and then you buy your yarn by the weight (literally they weigh it while they make it into a cake) according to the pattern that you chose ... The pattern required a mix of alpaga and 'plumette' (like kid silk). You can see the yarn is a mix of pumkin orange (Garance) and cherry red (Cochenille) - which should hopefully give the illusion of burnt orange...

Vous connaissez sûrement le système de la Droguerie.. moi non. Mais je suis très contente avec mes pelotes, toutes prêtes, d'alpaga (en garance) et de plumette (cochenille) - le tout devant donner ma couleur 'burnt orange' pour ma tenue de soirée pour la Xmas party.

All in all a very successfull first trip to la Droguerie - and only 8 days to knit the shawl - and I am not a fast knitter.. Focus, I need focus... Can I make it? Any tips on knitting faster?

Bon ben voilà, il n'y a plus qu'à... en 8 jours.. Si vous avez quelques conseils pour tricoter plus rapidement, je suis preneuse..


  1. The only advice I can give is to knit constantly. Every stitch counts.

  2. Knit anywhere and everywhere- that's what I did last week for my baby blanket. How big are the needles?

  3. LOVELY yarn! hope to shop there someday too. I became a MUCH faster knitter when I taught myself the continental way to knit (using youtube videos). It started off very slow but now with stocking stitch I'm so much speedier than when I was knitting with the English method.

  4. Good luck with knitting the shawl, the wool looks lush!


  5. La Drogurie sounds amazing (if a little intimidating!) and your pumpkin yarn is gorgeous.

  6. This is a lovely colour and the combination that you chose for the Christmas party is really beautiful! Unfortunatelu I cannot help you with knitting tips, but please share some pics of the shawl once is finished...Have a great w-e!

  7. Si tu deviens addict à la droguerie, tu peux toujours commander là:


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