Monday, 7 November 2011

7 days to go

I don't talk about my 'other life' a lot but let's just say that work has been really hectic recently (hence less blog updates unfortunately), and I cannot wait for this week to finish. As of Friday, 5pm, I will be on HOLIDAY! yeah!! Nothing fancy mind you, I did not really want to travel far and all we really need is time off. I wanted to go somewhere in the countryside with a fireplace (we don't have one at home and I am really missing it). So we are going in England... Whoohoo! I know, exciting...

November is quite special for us, as we will have been together for 7 years at the end of this month (we cannot remember the date, but it was a great night out!). And we carry on celebrating this anniversary - or at least make an effort to be together. Two years ago we went to a
Landmark Trust building in Norfolk. The Landmark trust restores old buildings and rent them out for short or long breaks - raising money to buy additional buildings and restore them in turn.

They have on their books properties for 2 to 16 people. You can add your requirements (dog-friendly, building with a fireplace). And depending on when you go (for a long weekend, or a short week), it can be quite cheap. All buildings have a fully-equipped kitchen which make it much more flexible for us. I am not great at eating at defined times when I am on holiday.

They are some amazing buildings that you can rent. I am assuming that the more amazing they are the more popular they are. As we are not the most organised people, we end up booking only 2 or 3 weeks in advance, so the number of properties is quite limited - I am sure it pays to be organised.. All the pictures are from the Landmark Trust website. Amazing, non?

Off we are next Monday, and there will be no TV and no blackberry (OK, not sure whether this is going to really work for us).. Time to relax, and reflect.... and slllleeeeepppp.

What are you up in the next couple of weeks guys? Anything exciting or unusual places to see? happy Monday guys!


  1. I love the castle by the sea. Hope the weather is good for you.

  2. I'm off as well!! Visiting family back home... I haven't seen my sister's bump since August so I'm probably in for a shock!

    Have a wonderful, and very restful week! Enjoy!!! x

  3. They rent out a light house too, I believe.
    We once wanted to go there with the kids, but it was to expensive.
    Maybe we could do it now that all the birds have flown the nest!
    Have a wonderful shortbreak!
    Sleep well and get a good refuel.


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