Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Colour inspiration for Christmas Party

I have been in denial about the outift - focusing instead on the benefits of a Christmas party, ie free food and booze and some serious gossip afterwards (M's HR lady famously passed out at last year's Christmas party and an ambulance had to take her away - Brilliant!). In theory, the colour palette will be deep blue and burnt orange ... When it will come to it I may chicken out and be in the black..

(Pas d'accents aujourd'hui, mon clavier anglais me fait des miseres). En Angleterre la periode des Chritmas parties commence - et celle de M se deroulera dans deux semaines. J'ai du me resoudre a finalement penser a ce que j'allais porter. pour M c'est plutot facile - exactement le meme costard que l'annee derniere. Cette annee je compte jouer la carte bleue nuit et orange brulee (tres mauvaise traduction de 'burnt orange'). Ou il serait pourrait bien que le jour j je me rabatte sur le noir, noir, et encore plus de noir - tres classe et surtout beaucoup moins flash...

2nd December is the day... All will be revealed the following week. Pour le resultat final il faudra attendre le 2 decembre.

So flashy or classy, guys?


  1. Love this colour combination! Can't wait to see your outfit...

  2. I love those colours together - wow. the mood board really demonstrates it well. Best of luck in your outfit planning, and here's hoping to a great night full of more memorable drinking stories!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment ;) I love this colour palette and I can't wait to see how you will style it in your outfit! I'd say go bold, at least it will be much more refreshing than black ;)



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