Friday, 2 December 2011

Au suivant

I have finished my shawl for the Christmas party - Hooray, crisis over, no pashmina to buy last minute! It really needs blocking and cannot be seen as it is now. So pictures to come (with the whole outfit - oh yeah!). Anyway, one project finished, it is time to pass to the next one! Do you remember my little dilemma about my Mamy's present, I decided that she needed a Gingko! She doesn't know it, but believe me she does. Thank you to juicyknits for giving me a link that works - pattern is now printed and in my bag.

J'ai fini le Jardin des Plantes de la Droguerie mais je ne peux pas le montrer dans son etat actuel. Il faut le 'bloquer' (c'est comme ca qu'on dit?), pour les photos ce sera lundi. Je peux donc passer a mon projet suivant - le cadeau de Noel de Mamy. J'ai bien reflechi (au moins 2 bonnes minutes) et je pense que ce qu'elle veut vraiment c'est un gingko. Ca lui manque et elle ne le sait meme pas! Donc me voila de retour sur Ravelry pour voir qui a fait quoi, comment et avec quelle laine... et je crois que j'ai trouve trois modifs qui feront de mon Gingko le cadeau ideal...

So back on Ravelry, to check out the different Gingko projects and I found some interesting modifications. These are the 3 I am considering doing.

DDknits repeated rows 1-16 four times to make a lacier & larger shawl (I am loving this project). Un Gingko plus grand, j'adore..

Wyvon54 put beads on the stems of the leaves. Mamy loves some bling bling, and this would be right up her street - but I have never done it, so could go really wrong and slow me down. Perle ou sans perle, telle est la question? Ma Mamy ADORE tout ce qui brille, alors ce serait une super modif pour elle - mais j'ai peur de ralentir le projet a trop penser comment mettre les perles... A suivre.

Kessalin used laceweight yarn instead of fingering-weight and kept to 4mm to achieve sheer lacey texture. Need to sample then (and I am not really good at that). Un changement de texture en changeant la taille des mes aiguilles - il va falloir faire des essais (et c'est pas franchement mon truc, moi j'aime bien commence toute de suite...)

So here we are. So what do you thing guys? Should I go for a pimped-up Gingko? Anyway it is Friday and I cannot wait for 5pm! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Qu'est-ce que vous en pensez? je me fais toutes les modifs ou seulement une (ou deux)? Tout ce ce qui compte pour le moment c'est qu'on est vendredi et a 17h00 c'est le weekend! Alors bon weekend!!


  1. Knitting with beads is pretty easy - I made a video tutorial for this:

  2. You're welcome and yes, go definitely for a larger version. I increased the stockinette bit, but now I am also contemplating opening it up and doing another set of lace repeats.

  3. I love it with the beads. Can't wait to see your completed Xmas shawl, too!

  4. I think you should go for it and add some bling :)

  5. I love this kind of lace knitting: absolutely beautiful
    My father's grandmother knitted fine stuff like that.
    I'm not good at knitting, I immediately pull up my shoulders for no reason whatsoever and after 15 minutes I cannot knit anymore.
    So I leave this to those who can: and you're certainly one of them
    Well done!!

  6. Well,I never say no to a bit of bling so if Mamy likes it, I would give it to her!!

    Emma xxx

  7. I so look forward to see your creation and the entire outfit...finally! As for the Gingko, I think I prefer the first option by DDknits. Have a nice week!


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