Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I have been wondering about posting about Cadence for a while. I tend to post about the projects I like, that went well, better even - that I will wear. Cadence has been sitting on my chair for a month or so, purely on the basis that I did not know what to do with it. Can I salvage it, or should I frog it and knit another Cadence on the basis of what I learnt, or should I give up on Cadence? All I knew is that there was no way I would actually wear it. It is a shame because I actually quite like the pattern, the colour and the neckline.

J'ai pris mon temps avant d'ecrire mon post sur Cadence. J'ai longtemps hesite a montrer ce projet que j'ai fini depuis au moins un mois maintenant. Et pour cause, je ne savais pas quoi en faire - fallait-il essayer de sauver mon pull? le detricoter et tricoter un autre? ou abandonner le projet completement? Clairement je ne suis pas prete a le porter, donc il a fallu travailler sur une solution. Et pourtant j'aime sa couleur brique du Nord, l'encolure est simple et rend bien et le modele rend normalement bien (sur les autres).

Je l'avais tricote en Cocoon brick de Rowan avec des aiguilles 7mm - en une piece. Tout a ete tres rapide, j'aurais du me mefier. C'etait mon premier pull apres tout et je m'attendais a de gros problemes. Je l'ai essaye plusieurs fois - un des grands atouts de ce modele - et je me disais que c'etait un peu grand, mais j'ai continue parce que ca ira quand tout sera tricote... et en fait non, les problemes du debut sont toujours des problemes et en fait se sont empires. L'encolure est toujours trop grande, et apparemment je ne suis pas une taille M mais S selon ce modele (tres flatteur, mais dans la vraie realite je ne suis pas un S), et la laine est vraiment lourde ce qui donne un aspect rideau dans le dos.

I used some Rowan Cocoon yarn, needles size 7mm for this. When I measured myself I was a size M according to the pattern, but in fact I think Ishould have knitted a size S (I am NOT a size S in real life - I wished but I am not). It was way too easy - the gauge was exactly what was required. It was an easy knit in the end, in one piece, I was knitting along fine. I tried it a few times - because I could - and I knew there were a few issues but I thought that 'they would make sense' in the end... These issues remained and in fact got worse at the end of the project. The collar is too wide, the jumper is too big and the fabric is really heavy (and it looks like I have a heavy curtain at the back - not a good look).

Some of these problems are all my fault. I wanted to widen the neckline and I knitted a bigger size - clearly overdid it. As for the yarn, I had seen a few negative comments about it - and honestly I agree, this is not ideal for garnments - plus I like lighter fabric. I may use it for a blanket or something for next Christmas. Also it is quite scratchy (I may have to add I am very sensitive to wool - ie allergic as well - so it may be an issue to do with me).

Je dois confesser que certains des problemes que j'ai rencontre sont dus au fait que je voulais une encolure plus grande que prevue par le modele - et ai tricote une taille beaucoup plus (trop) grande a ce niveau la (que j'ai rattrape par la suite pour garder une taille M). J'avais deja lu des commentaires negatifs sur Cocoon, et je suis d'accord, c'est vraiment tres lourd et meiux adapte a des afghans (pour Noel? ce serait de saison apres tout). Mais tout cela reste mon avis personnel - et le fait que je fais une allergie a cette laine qui me gratte.

So this is going to be frogged. That's it, this is not be next year's Xmas blanket for our sofa. I was going to knit Cocoon into a new jumper, but I don't think I cna deal with this yarn. Will I knit Cadence again? I would like to because I like the construction and the pattern, and to be fair I learnt a fair amount from knitting this one - so I am not closed to the idea, but not yet.

J'ai decide de detricoter le pull. Cette laine deviendra un afghan pour le Noel de l'an prochain. J'aillais tricoter un autre pull en Cocoon, mais j'ai decide que moi et Cocoon on ne ferait pas bon menage - je ne la supporte pas sur ma peau. Je pense que je tricoterai une autre (meilleure) version de Cadence. J'ai adore la construction du pull et le modele en lui-meme, et en fait j'ai appris beaucoup de choses de cette version - mais pas tout de suite..

PS: We are off tomorrow to France. I am taking a few projects with me (including Gingko, progressing but not as quickly as I wanted), will post from time to time. But I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Nous rentrons demain en France et j'aurai quelques projets dans mes bagages dont gingko que j'aurai du finir depuis longtemps en fait, mais sera fini pour Noel je suppose. Je viendrai sur le blog de temps en temps. Mais d'ici la bonne vacances!


  1. This isn't going to be the most helpful comment ever...

    But your jumper makes me think of Sarah Lund's The Killing 2 jumper!

    Good luck and happy holidays!

  2. oh no! It happens to all of us, if that makes you feel any better. frog it, use the yarn for something else. if you don't love the feeling of it, you'll never wear it, even if it did fit perfectly. And hey- knits like this teach us a lot. have a wonderful time in France!

  3. Oh I can feel your frustration. I have noticed that ideally, I would have to knit something first as a test, and then re-knit it a second time keeping in mind everything i learned the first time around...but honestly, who's got the time?
    the pattern looks really pretty, but the yarn seems to be a pain!
    Have a good trip and Happy Holidays!

  4. Oh that's such a shame, it's really pretty! Definitely make one in a small! Love the colour too :)

  5. What a pity! I think the jumper would be great with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath..I'm sure the new sweater will be beautiful...Have a great holiday and hope to see you soon in 2012!

  6. Oh no, that's a a shame! It does look nice but if you know you'll never wear it then perhaps frogging is for the best. Such a lovely colour though - it will make a gorgeous blanket!
    By coincidence I am in the process of knitting a baby blanket from a frogged cardigan.


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