Thursday, 11 August 2011

On Blogging - What do you do with the comments you receive?

Hiya Guys! Happy Thursday!!! How is everyone feeling? It is nearly the weekend!! Yeah!!! My brother is coming over to see the new house! He is working in Germany at the moment, but will be going to China soon, so will be great to catch up with him.

A different post today... I have been pondering this question for a while - what do you do with the comments you receive? As some of you know I reply individually to all the comments I receive, usually on my train journey from/back home. I did this, because another blogger I follow was doing it, and I actually quite liked it. I suppose I can do it because 1) my commute is quite long, 2) I blog only once a day on average and only receive a few comments, and 3) my blackberry is constantly with me. Also, I wanted to thank the other bloggers who comment personally. You came to read and comment on my posts! I think that it is awesome!

I know that some other bloggers do the same, others comment on the actual post (but I never get to really see that as I don't sign up for notifications - maybe I should ?), others do a general thank you on their next post, and some bloggers thank you by posting a comment on your post...

Don't get me wrong I do not think there is a right or wrong way to do this - I am just curious to know how you chose to reply to the comments you receive. I think it is quite interesting. I love receiving comments, and I have learnt a lot from you guys, I also got to know new people through the comments.

So how did you choose what to do with your comments? What did you decide to do? Did you decide to change the way you reply to comments? Would love to hear your stories guys!


  1. I tend to answer directly on my blog by leaving a comment, but I'm not sure people see the follow-up if they don't go back on my blog.

    I like the way you get back to people personally!!


  2. I always respond to each person individually. I don't have a great number of followers and therefore not an overwhelming amount of comments either. For me, this is more personal and that is why I started build relationships with like minded people.

  3. I try to reply directly as much as possible. However, blogger does not always allow that, so sometimes I reply on the blog page. I do not have a consistent way of doing it, though.

  4. Hi Noa,
    I've come to take a look at your blog (via Lynne from Lili'sQuilts) and I love it. So I've started following you now. Not everywhere, don't worry.
    This is actually a great post too!
    I am so thrilled when someone has taken time and the courage to write something down: commenting on what I've written.
    So definitely a new follower!


  5. At the beginning, I used to answer directly on my blog, as well as to leave a message on people's blogs. Now I tend to reply directly. I think it’s more personal and it's a great opportunity to discover new blogs. Then I follow the ones that I really like with Bloglovin' because that's the easier way (for me) to see new posts etc.

  6. I find that blogger rarely gives me the email addresses to respond to blog comments, so it's hard to follow up- especially if they asked a specific question and I really want to get back to them. Then I have to go and comment on the blog post as well, and hope they check back! I don't feel like I need a response from the blogs I comment on, unless I ask a question. I don't feel ignored at all.

  7. i use to put a massage on the different blogs...just to thanks them to stop by me, but also because i love their blog... when i put a message on my favorite blogs (either if i don't get any answer) it's just because i heart them !!!! do what you feel honey but keep doing your so nice blog!!!! and enjoy your bro!!!!

  8. oops...a message of

  9. I reply to all my comments individually. I think that's the best part about blogging. You get to interact with people from around the world. Great post!


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