Friday, 24 June 2011

Homemade {TheThing-in-Progress}

I feel really bad. I have not really posted about knitting or crochet for a loooonnnng time, and despite the fact that have... let's say a few... projects on the go.

I took pictures of what I am working on at the moment in the evening, and well, you will see for yourself, it doesn't look like what it is supposed to be looking like. Not sure what it looks like, but nothing like the picture on the pattern, I can tell you!

So what do you think The Thing is? Let me give you 3 clues, 1) The Thing is not for me (lucky me!), 2) it can be worn (really I hear you say, yes really?), and 3) I have already made other versions of 'The Thing' in the past (for those lucky ones who follow my blog).

I leave you with this thoughtful note from this blog and found on pinterest ... And yes I just ate some...
Happy Friday guys!

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