Wednesday, 21 September 2011

FO and UFOs

Hiya guys!! Happy Wednesday. I am back in England! I am debating whether I should be unpacking my bag or leaving it as it is for my next trip (Sunday) to Zurich - save for the dirty washing, obviously... More hotel weirdness to come? I wonder... Anyway I am not here to talk about business travelling, but to talk about my projects - ok, my progress on my projects. FO: Finished Object (note the use of the singular); UFOs: Unfinished Object (yes, you've got it plural).

Started a year ago, making progress very sllllooowly (hence for winter)

I was doing really well, until I ran out of white fabric yarn. I need to create some more.
By the way, it is much harder than it looks.

Started in the spring, half way through, and going.
The result will be amazing, when I get there.

I finished the necklace I talked about here...
Love it, so easy to wear (note, I had to use some jewellery glue)

So what are you up to guys? What are you current projects? Are you inspired to take up a new craft for the winter...


  1. Oh, all these projects, you put me to shame!! My blog has been silent lately, but I'm hoping to catch up on it soon.

    I like the fact that you have a bit of different crafts going on in your UFOs!!! Love the scarf- it looks gorgeous...

  2. Loved the winter blankets and the necklace! As I told you I'm not that good with DIY, but I'm working on my fashion FW wish-list...could it be considered a project?!

  3. Your winter blanket looks gorgeous!
    But i totally understand you, i started one as well and it was meant to be for my little cousin: i decided she will get it when 18 (so thankful she was born in 2007). It's just that i got distracted by knitting the cutest pot-older, then i stopped because of feeling guilty about the blanket.
    A heart for your mat as well!


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