Friday, 2 September 2011

Noas'Libellule inspired {Colours}

I came across (late) Design Seeds through many websites and pinterest. I have always been interested in colour coordination, and colour palettes - and this site captures it all beautifully (the byline is 'for all who love colour' - me, me, me!).

I am working on an autumnal theme for our house, and here are some of the colour palettes which are getting me very inspired at the moment...

How can you not be inspired? Which one would you choose from my selection or the Design Seeds blog?

PS: I have finally decided to host a Linky party to celebrate the Autumn Equinox on September 23.. Yes, I am giving you some warning (and leaving me time to work out how to host one of those) ... What I want from you is something you made (sewing, cooking, drying flower, knitting, anything you can think of), a picture you took, an object that inspires you, what to wear for the autumn... anything that says autumn to you. And will share it with everyone! I will post more details as we get nearer the time.

Have a fantastic weekend guys! Off to France to celebrate my grand-parents diamond wedding anniversary! S-I-X-T-Y years together... absolutely mind-blowing..


  1. Cannot decide between the first and the second be honest, they are all so beautiful...

    Diamond wedding anniversary?! Congratulations and I wish you a great w-e of celebration!

  2. Just beautiful blog!!! great idea!!! thanks for sharing and have a fantastic weekend!!! xxx

  3. I'm going to check that site out as I have to re-do my room. Could always do with a bit of inspiration... I can't decide between the first and third batch- they're such warm and happy combos.

    Wow and congrats to your grandparents! That's wonderful!


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