Wednesday, 7 September 2011

One year (and a bit) on - in pictures

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday. How are you all doing? Do you remember me telling you about the photoshoot we booked for our first year anniversary (+ 3 months by the time it came round). Yesterday, I received all the photos... SO exciting! Here are my favourites of the couple ones..

I don't usually do what I wear posts - but I will make an exception for this post - although it will be quite poor on the details..

So I am wearing: Jeans: Diesel, Top: Asos Dress changed into a top (by me - email me for more details), Shoes: bought on sale in Leiden (the day before), Jewellery: Noir Jewelry (my obsession of this post), Belt: bought ages ago at Warehouse (I think), and in the first picture leather cropped jacket: Gerard Darel, Pashmina bought in Bangkok airport. Who knows what M is wearing, jeans and a blue shirt??

Just a few words about the location. We did it all in one location - although it does not seem like it. In the North of France you can still find the old coal mines buildings and machines, and we were lucky enough to have access to them for the shoot. This is next to woodlands and a coupd of fields - and next to the Church and the Mairie (town hall) where we got married. All very easy.

Finally the photographer, his name is Benjamin Brolet, he lives in Brussels - and is just brilliant. He covers wedding as well as commercial events. He also travels if your wedding is not in Belgium ... Highly recommended.


  1. LOVELY pictures! You two make a gorgeous couple! Amazing backgrounds too. Congratulations on the belated anniversary!

  2. Lovely pictures. I'd love to visit the North of France, especially Lille.

    You both make a very cute couple :-)


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