Friday, 9 September 2011

{Granny Squares - Buy it or Make it?} Noas' Libellule obsession

Hello peeps! Happy Friday! Is everyone looking forward ot the weekend? Anything exciting planned? We are off to our last wedding of the year. And then, that is it, nothing planned, weekends are free... and I will be catching up with some craft. Yipee! And definitely some granny squares. It was really fun to put this post together - and I am super inspired... Will you be?

1. Scarf, House of Holland, ASOS; 2. Kid scarf, Super Soil; 3. Pincushion from Namolio, Etsy; 4. Christopher Kane Crocheted Pencil Skirt, Net-a-Porter; 5. Christopher Kane Suzie Crochet Effect Leather, Net-a-Porter; 6. Blanket from the Knitbox, Etsy; 7. House of Holland Tights, Asos; 8. Cushion cover from the Bayleaf Studio, Etsy.

What I love with granny squares is a) it is quite easy to make, 2) you can make them as big or as small as you wish, and 3) it is all about colour coordination. And suddenly you have your own vintage, or modern homemade home - or a new scarf (I love the House of Holland one)!!

So you are asking how? how can you make those beautiful things? I was hoping to make the tutorial... but did not get a chance in the end (a combination of work really kicking off and catching up with sleep). However Adaiha makes it look super easy at her tutorial page.

I have just been on Ravelry to see what comes up if you search granny squares: 4,092 results that include
aprons, slippers, colourful cushion covers... If you want inspiration, this is the place to go!!

Have a great weekend guys! And have fun wherever you are!


  1. I quite like the fact that a simple granny square is going to be very trendy this season!!

    Hope you had a fantastic week-end!

  2. So cool! I've always wanted to learn how to crochet. Off to check out the tutorial.

    I love granny squares by the way.

  3. Love Granny Squares and I cannot Crochet for {....} so either someone is going to have to make me something with them or I am buying. Sigh...


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