Friday, 23 September 2011

23.09.2011 Autumn Equinox ( and a sort of Link Party)

Doing some research about the Autumn Equinox I have just realised that the Autumn Equinox Day is in fact a public holiday in Japan. It used to be a day of worship for past emperors and imperial family members. I do like the idea of having a day off to mark a new season - and reflect on the past. So, of course, I was at work today... but I did reflect on the summer (euh, what summer?) and getting slowly ready for the winter. (By the way, is it me or on pinterest it is already starting to be Christmas?) And to celebrate the new season, I want to share with you THE picture that epitomises Autumn for me.

Melly featured it first on her blog, and I knew that this was my picture to celebrate the Autumn Equinox. I love the boots, the tights, the colours, and also the wind and rain. OK, in real life, I hate the wind and the rain, my hair is going all frizzy, I usually look a mess when I get to work - and you know this is going to be the day of a big meeting. But in the comfort of my home, in front of my computer, with a cup of tea, I love this picture.

So where can you find this beautiful picture you ask? This illustration print will come from Sweden from graphic designer Maja and you have to go and see her shop, there are some amazing prints available (and the price tag is very very nice indeed).

I was supposed to host a Link Party - did I really say that? - but clearly it is not happening ... I promise there will be one in Winter. So what I propose is that YOU GUYS:

1. Write your own 23.03.2011 Autumn Equinox post showing what epitomises Autumn FOR YOU (it can be anything you want - something you made, a picture, an object, an outfit or a collage of your best Etsy finds, why not?).

2. Add a link to your post when you leave a comment on this post, so that I and everyone else taking part can be inspired in celebration of the Autumn Equinox!

3. Follow me so that I can go back to your blog time and time again!

4. And as I am leaving for Zurich on Sunday (coming back Tuesday) I leave you the whole weekend and a couple of days to take part!

Whoohooo, I cannot wait to see your Autumn inspirations!!
This is going to be really exciting when I come back home... No pressure guys, but I am relying on you whilst I am away!


  1. totally love the way you write
    Very cute blog, i'm following you by Google Friends box hope you'll do the same only if you'll like mine :)
    sweet italian kisses

    Syriously in Fashion
    Official Facebook Page

  2. Love the picture! I'm linking up and loving Autumn at Charm About You!:

  3. The image is really cute and I completely agree with you on the lovely outfit of the young lady: Hunter boots are my good companion during the cold season (and occasionally during rock festivals)...I would love to have a day off to celebrate the different seasons, even if in Brussels it's difficult to enjoy/have warm months...Anyway, I hope you have a good time in Zurich!

  4. I love this image! It reminds me of a time when I was just a wee little girl (in kindergarten to be exact). My grandpa, as he always did was walking me to class and it was so windy that I couldn't even move. I remember leaves flying up all around me just like in this picture.

    Such a great image. I think I want to buy this print!

  5. Love the image you chose. I added a post on this just now- hope I'm not too late!!


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