Friday, 30 September 2011

Recipe for the weekend - DIY Cake Pops

Hiya guys! It is Friday - Hourray!! But wait I want to talk about cooking today - not a typical topic of mine. and there is a good reason for it, not because I am not a good cook - but just because I never really have the time to make elaborate dishes during the week. But, during the weekend, well let me tell you, I am all for trying something new. And I have been dying to know and try to do these little cakes since the last wedding we went to. At the time, I had to stop myself from eating them all! Really, they are that good.

The bride is now back and I got the recipe - available at Rhubarb and Rose (I also LOVE the blog). And now that I have seen the recipe I just cannot wait to make some over the weekend. I probably tweet about them ( follow me @NoasLibellule) over the weekend.

Aren't they the cutest thing ever? OK, there is a certain amount of pinkiness (not really me) and wedding theme going on here, but I am sure I can adapt the theme to 'date night' for instance (with my travelling, we have not managed a date night this week).

So guys, what will you cook this weekend? Anything special? It is a bit hard with the weather, I thought we were entering the soup season, and it looks like salads are back on the menu! Hope you have a good weekend whether you are, and whatever you are doing!


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  2. Oh I'm always up for baking cakes so do let us know how you get on!!!


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