Monday, 3 October 2011

Weekend tweets, humour and travel plans

Hiya guys! Happy Monday! How are you all doing? Did you have a good weekend? I cannot do a Monday post today without talking about the weather over the weekend... It was AMAZING! My garden is not in its greatest state (it is our 2012 project) but you get the idea of how great the weather was (Do you recognise the quilt??)

Some of my tweets over the weekend were about our newest purchase... The Wii fit. We are preparing for autumn and rain - but don't you know the autumn is the new summer and you will be able to run all the time outside.. until that is proven on a long period of time, I can play the Kungfu game (M is demonstrating here) which is great; I love the boxing one too - nothing like a bit of anger management when you are copied into irrelevant emails during your weekend...

And I made some cake pops according to last Friday's recipe... So it did not go quite according to plan, and they ended up a bit too goo-ey and sugar-ey - and that is entirely my fault for not reading the recipe properly and being a bit too keen to get involved... Will have to have another try.

Finally it is Monday, and we all know I need a bit of humour to carry me through the day... and the picture reflects adequately how I felt this morning (not a very healthy weekend). I really needed the wiifit..

Hope you had a great weekend guys! Oh, and I almost forgot, I also need your help guys. I am off to Liechtenstein this week for work and Milan next week - any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!(restaurants, bars, fabric/yarn shops???) Have a great week...

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  1. Glad to read that you had a very nice and busy w-e! BTW, love the quilt and I'm sure the cake pops were delicious...

    I don’t know Milan very well, but here a couple of recommendations:

    Antica Focacceria San Francesco, informal place with excellent Sicilian food behind the Duomo
    Address: Via San Paolo 15, facebook page:

    Trattoria del Nuovo Macello, tipical Italian ‘trattoria’ with very nice atmosphere and food

    Pasticceria Cova, historic café in the city centre that is very well know for its sweet products, its ‘panettone’ is a must

    10 Corso Como, great concept store (like Colette in Paris)

    Have a great trip!


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