Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Today's 5 pinterest favourites

Cari-Jane at Hybridhandmade started to publish her last 5 pins on pinterest. What a great idea! The only problem is that I do not go on pinterest as much as I used to (happened with facebook - I get bored really easily), but when I do go on the site I pin like crazy... So I am not sure I can do my last 5 pins, but I can certainly do my favourite 5 of today's pinning session.

1. Can we start getting excited about winter yet? Guys, if you thought (rightly) that I loved the Autumn, you have no idea what will hit you with Winter. It is my favourite season (and my birthday)... Love this cozy interior...

2. The Art of Upcyling...The only problem is that I have an idea, I find the material and ... that is it. We bought a couple of weeks ago a coffee bean bag and I need to turn it into cushion(s)... This is a gentle reminder of what it could look like..

3. Photography... I thought this was a beautiful shot, the colours, the sparkling.. Would make a great birthday card..

4. Mittens, embroidery and colour coordination. Not sure about the felted mitten effect but love the embroidery work on the light grey medium.

5. Stylin'it Blair style. I want a cape, I do, I do, I do. And this is great styling lesson out of Gossip Girl..

So what are you last 5 pins or your 5 favourite pins of the day! Would be great to see them! Mine are available @noaslibellule.


  1. GREAT PINS!! Love the mittens, I'm inspired! And I have that Blair green coat / yellow accessories image pinned somewhere - so chic.

  2. I'm excited about winter, it's already here!

  3. I'm not on Pinterest (as you know I have my problem at keeping a blog updated!), but I do love to see the selection that other people make and this is lovely! BTW, just saw the post on the mustard scarf...beautiful!

  4. Love all of these pins. I miss Pinterest! I need to get back on it.

  5. Blair gets the BEST clothes, love her. Don't think I can pull off a cape though!

  6. Those mittens are super cute! And yes, Blaire's cape is amazing, but I always get tripped up on the practicality of a cape because you pretty much just have to hold your bag in your hand then, anything else looks silly. And I can't imagine carrying my purse in my hand or in the crook of my elbow all day!


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