Friday, 14 October 2011

Swirling Old Gold

Hello guys! Yes, Friday is here and that can only mean one thing, in 5 hours it will be the weekend!! Yeah!! My winter coats are now out, and I finally knitted my first EVER hat/beret. I knitted this specifically for the TOAST coat I am wearing on the pictures. I love that colour combination. Also M was allowed to touch THE camera... And I think he did a good job actually.

The hat is knitted in 'Old Gold' MeriSilk Aran. I bought the yarn AGES ago on
Folksy (the UK equivalent of Etsy) from Babylonglegs (who now has her own website). In fact the yarn was never supposed to become a hat, it was meant to be a scarf - and to be specific Wayfarer from Jared Flood. I knitted along - probably 3/4 of the scarf - and realised that I would not have enough yarn, and more worryingly that there was nothing like it in terms of colours out there, AND there was none left (I contacted Babylonglegs). There was only one solution left, to frog the whole piece... and start something new.

As well as having quite a big stash of yarn (and fabric, and craft stuff in general), I also have a few patterns that I bought but never got round to do. Whimsical Little Knits is one of those patterns book I loved, bought, and left in my Ravelry library practically untouched. I wanted an easy and portable project (business travelling -friendly), and this was ideal. I finished in 4 days (I only knit at night time, and there is no public knitting involved), and took it with me to Liechtenstein..

Just a couple of technical details... I used 5mm DPNs and needles, and added a few rounds in the middle and at the end because I was worried it would not be slouchy enough - did not change the number of stitches. The start is the most difficult part, it is a bit akward for 10 rounds, but then all fine. Do use markers guys - really you cannot avoid it. My border is a 2x2 ribbing - again added some rounds here- and I finished by the surprisingly stretchy bind off
method - it is amazing! Nothing major as amendments..

Here we are... What do you think guys?


  1. This looks lovely, really like the colour combination of the hat and coat. It's nice to inject a bit of bright colours at this time of the year.

    Have a lovely week-end!!

  2. Gorgeous! I love that colour :) and it does look perfect with that coat

  3. It is absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour and how it looks so warm against the grey sky.

  4. I think it's lovely! Very nice design and colour, which matches perfectly with your coat...Have a nice week!

  5. Sweet hat! It totally suits you, and goes well with the coat too.


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