Monday, 24 October 2011

La tarte a M'man

Attention, attention! This is officially serious cooking. I decided to tackle my Mum's recipes and one of her favourites - or at least I remember distinctively eating a lot of it when I was younger (and not really liking it, then). Here is her TARTE A LA MOUTARDE (or Mustard Tart) - which is in fact more a mustard and tomato tart.

So I mentioned - in passing - that I did not really like it... So why, oh why making one? Well Mum used to go a bit heavy on the mustard, and I thought I could improve on this... Less mustard, first and some mozzarella on top second to soften the taste a bit.. So here is the revisited recipe.

You are going to need:

- Puff pastry (but you can try with shortcrust as well) - I buy puff pastry, cannot bring myself to make it.

- 5/6 big tomatoes, thickly sliced

- Mustard (of course)

- Mozzarella (optional)

- Olive oil and herbs.

How do you do it??

1) Blind bake your puff pastry to avoid the base to go all soggy (not a good look guys!)

2) Mustard up the base of the tart - how much you want to put is up to you, I personally spread it quite finely..

3) Arrange (nicely) the tomato slices

4) Add some mozzarella on top (or in slices in between some tomato slices)

5) Add some herbs (Herbes de Provence will do) and olive oil on top. Et voila!

6) And in the oven - 200 degrees, for about 15 minutes (I think, was watching the Xfactor so did not pay a lot of attention).

Easy cooking for everyone... and you get to watch the Xfactor as well. What else do you want? Hope you all had a great weekend, and having a Happy Monday!

Let me know if you try to recipe...


  1. My Mum had the same sort of recipe, only she added tuna between the tomatoes and the pastry. Really it isn't as bad it sounds, it is quite nice in the summer, and I suspect was a way for my Mum to make us eat fish!

    I'll have to try this!

  2. My goodness! That looks amazing. This is the type of food my husband and I love to eat. I must try this.

  3. It sounds really good! Let you know if I try to cook it...

  4. I think I would like your version better, I not such a mustard fan either...but with the mozzarella it looks yummy!

  5. Looks scrummy - your version definitely sounds great!


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