Thursday, 13 October 2011

Resuming activity

Hello guys! happy Thursday! So blogging, tweeting and commenting on other blogs have been on hold for a bit - too many business trips, not enough sleep and a general shorter days' sluggishness. Not the greatest excuse but that is all I have... But I have a wonderful picture of my flight back from Milan...

So am I forgiven? Hope you are all great wherever you are and whatever you are doing!


  1. Lovely to hear from you! I was wondering if you were affected by the BlackBerry outage. This is a lovely picture!!!

  2. Wow that doesn't even look real!! Happy Thursday to you too :)

  3. Hope you had a great time in Milan! Let me know if you visited any of the places I suggetsed you...Have a nice rest of the week!

  4. your picture makes up for it all!!!!! That looks incredible. I feel as though I'm up there too!!



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