Monday, 17 October 2011

TOAST Inspiration

Hello guys, Happy Monday!! Did you have a good weekend? This weekend I finally had a chance to really indulge with flicking through magazines and catalogs - and my favourite one is the new TOAST House & Home A/W 2011 catalogue - a company based in Wales. I love it! This is totally my style - a mix of vintage, clean lines, querky yet simple designs and general coziness without pretention.

First of all the editing of the actual catalogue is beautiful, I read it like a deco mag - full of inspiration and vivid colours. It presents a mix of 'styling' and individual pieces to purchase. The overall setting is meant a converted barn/ranch (my dream home) full of crates, bare brick walls (heaven) - and has a general untidy feel to it.

It is a real source of inspiration if you are into knitting and crochet-ting (I wonder who would be into that sort of thing). The blankets and cushions are beautiful just by their simplicity (I told you granny squares were bang on trend this winter) and the colours would brighten up any chilly nights to come (yes, I am getting obsessive about yellow).

I never knitted socks - but I am really considering starting since I saw this picture - I love the green colour...

So unfortunately this unstated luxury comes at a price... So it is a good job it is also a source of homemade home inspiration - definitely a keeper and something I will go back again and again.

So guys, are you inspired? Ready to embrace Autumn and Winter?


  1. I absolutely adore Toast! Gorgeous stuff, way out of my price range but yummy!

  2. great pics!!!! love the one with socks!!! ;))


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