Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Whose scarf is it going to be?

I finished Wayfarer and I loved knitting it. I did not even flinch when Jared told me to knit another 30 inches of the same two rows. I measured every inch of the scarf to make up the 76 inches recommended. And when I finally blocked it (across the whole landing), I wondered... Was it really for me? Isn't it a bit too masculine for me? No, no, no, two attempts and one solid week of knitting later, and all I could think is whether it is for me, seriously???

The colour is definitely me, I am liking more and more the yellow/brown blends (Rowan Silk Twist). But the garter stitch and lack of lacework... not sure it is for me.

Don't get me wrong it is a beautiful scarf, cozy, long, perfect for the autumn. That is in fact why I wanted to knit it. I also learnt a lot from the pattern (turbular cast on anyone? and turbular bind off!). I love the stitch over two rows and the edging (so clean). The pattern is SO clear, so well-written. Honestly it was a great project. I did not change a thing (needles size:5mm).

So I reckon this one should stay at home but should be my husband's. Anyway he keeps saying that I make scarves that are too short for him (it is totally true, I usually get bored and bind off). I can still borrow it some days... It does look good.

PS: Thanks to M for taking the pictures and be patient with the model...


  1. I love the scarf on you but I can understand if you don't think it's 'you' enough. There's no point in wearing it lots of you're not 100% happy with wearing it. The colour and stitching are beautiful though, you did a lovely job!



  2. That scarf is beautiful.. And the color fantastic.. You are so talented..

  3. Oh I love it! This is a really beautiful scarf, well done!!! But I understand what you mean. Some of my projects a week I never wear, because they're just not me or they look too "handmade" (and not in a good way, unlike your scarf which looks gorgeous).

    I really like the pics as well- the photographer and the model did both a very good job :-)

    PS: If I thought garter stitch was not for me my boyfriend would wear all my knits since it's about the only thing I know!!!

  4. Love that color!!! Great job!!! and love the last pic!!!

  5. I think it's lovely, especially with your coloring--but totally understand when something just isn't...you :)


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