Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rich Coffee by YSL - the test

I finally tested it ... after having splashed out on it 2 or 3 months ago (at least). The Rich Coffee La Lacque (no 36) nail varnish was this morning put to the test.

This morning, I had 5 minutes max - and in that time I also needed to take pictures to show you! Let's face it, this could have failed really badly.

But it did not. As you can see within 5 minutes: nail varnish was applied (not beauty salon style, but that is all down to me), nail varnish dried and pictures were taken (blackberry). I was seriously impressed. I love that deep brown/purple colour - goth but not too goth.

I did not even had to really be careful! It has already lasted through a lot of key searches in my handbag, mugs cleaning, notes writing, and looking at it now, it has not changed! Not the cheapest, but woth the money

AND it goes super well with the mittens I knitted last year (definitely out now).. I am a convert, YSL (nail varnish) all the way...

Next time, the blue version...

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  1. I've not tried any ysl nail polishes, ow much are they? I find that most nail polishes that I own chip after a few hours of wear, so maybe I should try this one? I love the colour.




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