Thursday, 8 September 2011

Pay and Display - Hangin'

So we created a brand new entrance in our house. The only problem is that it is not a corridor and it is quite big (you will see below a picture), and we never really 'defined' the space. But now as the autumn and winter are looming, I need more space for my coats and wintery stuff ... I found those alternative hooks, and I got hooked (OMG, that is a terrible punt).

1. I am going to use M's athletics trophies (he doesn't know it yet, but this is a minor detail) - featured on

2. I will also re-use the paint brushes we used to re-paint the house.. It may be quite nice as they are not super clean and have some colour on them - featured on

3. I am liking this project but I think it is more a bathroom one... via Pinterest

4. I am loving the natural version of hooks - via Pinterest

5. My Grandma gave me a lot of cuttlery (on the basis that you cannot find anything in Britain..), and the forks could come really handy for little notes...via pinterest

Here is the new entrance, a bit bland apart from our wedding picture. Cannot wait to have a couple of weekends at home and revamp it!

Guys, did you see any other hooks project? Don't hesitate to share them in your comments!

PS: Keep those questions coming for my FAQ! You have until tomorrow night!


  1. Great idea! I really like the wood version in pic n. 4. A couple of years ago, I bought a couple of hooks with the shape of wings...even if I didn't need them, they were too cute!

    Loved the pictures in the previous post and happy anniversary with some delay!

  2. Oh, those forks are making me smile! I might do that in the kitchen, just for laughs. It'd beat the boring itsy-bitsy-tiny hooks that are up now, which aren't big enough to hang anything on really.

    One thing I'd recommend for hallways: somewhere to put hats. I neglected to take this into account, and have plenty of space for coats and such, but my hats are sadly neglected :( Poor hats.

  3. Hello (again)! I saw this and I thought about your post...


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