Saturday, 17 July 2010

Being in the cloud

I fell in love with it and ran to John Lewis on Bond Street to buy the yarn, the crochet hook came from Scotland and the pattern from Yorkshire...

And I got started straight away. Took me a week (had to go to Brussels for work in-between and forgot the project at home), and it was all worth it!

I changed the edging as you can see, it hides the (many) mistakes I made especially at the beginning. Do mark the last stitch of each row, it is worth it. I LOVE the yarn (Rowan Kidsilk aura - shade 768) but it is unforgiving, you make a mistake, you live with it... But it so soft and warm, that I felt compelled to buy more yarn...I am just weak.


  1. it looks so soft and cuddly!! I bet it's gorgeous when you wear it. Congrats on the awesome pattern book!!

  2. Lovely! It looks like the perfect cozy scarf/wrap/personal blanket!


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