Thursday, 21 October 2010

Home Inspiration 8

Sorry for the silence. I have been on a course (trying to concentrate all day long... I had not done this for a long time), and was too tired to update my blog.

However things are moving with the house. We made the kitchen designer in - whoohoo - the quote for the kitchen - not so whoohoo, and we have agreed (as in M proposed and I finally gave in) that we would keep some wall lights in the main room (kitchen cum living room cum dining room) - when all I wanted was spotlights ..

Here I am trying to find modern wall lights, and ended up on this manufacturer website in Germany. They create patterned lampshades that were inspired by the graphic designer-owners Steffen and Viktoria. A heavy 300gsm+ paper is used for the exterior of the lampshade, acrylic is used for the customized mounting, and polystyrene as a light diffusing inlay shade. Each lampshade is available in different acrylic colors, different papers, measurements and designs, and with or without a light diffusing inlay shade — basically you can customize your very own lampshade.
How great does this look? Not sure about the light it actually gives, but that is not really the point (we are still going to have spotlights).
So many to choose from ... Cannot wait!


  1. that's so stylish and unique, i really love it! went through a phase of complete obsession with lampshades a while back (cannot believe i just typed that!) - definitely bookmarking that site.

  2. Pretty! Oh to have a decorating budget ... sigh.


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