Thursday, 19 May 2011

I am a fruit and veg lover - for my home (home inspiration)

Hello everyone! I am really sorry it took me so long to come back, but we have been SO busy since moving in and I think it took more time than expected to get settled. Pictures of the house, which is permant work-in-progress to come soon. I love it!

Anyway, it is Thursday and it means home inspiration posting. And may I present, the Reversed Volumes by Mischer Traxler. And my favourite the cauliflower ceramic bowl.

I need to work out a space for it, I have an idea but it needs to show the pattern properly. I am officially in love with a cauliflower bowl. Can you resist this little chou-fleur?


  1. You're back, yeah!!!!

    J'espere que tout s'est bien passe et que vous vous sentez maintenant chez vous! J'adore le bol chou-fleur, c'est tres original et assez impressionant.

  2. I love this bowl! It is truly fantastic.


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