Thursday, 23 September 2010

Home Inspiration 5

Can a girl have enough cushions in her life? Nope... Here are some beautiful cushions made by Charlene Mullen Wonderable collection (isn't that a cute name?). I love the combination of monochrome and London landscapes.

Each graphic “piece” is beautifully crafted with extraordinary attention to detail.

She has found inspiration in a wide range of areas such as Elizabethan blackwork embroidery, the London architectural landscape, and botanical drawings, and created machine embroidered, luxury textiles. I love the geometric collection - I am looking at sashiko techniques, and I am really inspired.

I am running out of space, but check out the Folk collection as well (crocheted colelction) - so beautiful... Apparenthy they are available at Liberty and I may just have to go...


  1. I'm not a fan of cushions but I want the first one- so cool!!!!


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